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This is the best forum I've ever been on.Ive tried Sarcoidosis forums online and it wasn't my thing,but this forum has the best people on it.I haven't laughed so much in ages.And not having family but hubby and kids to support me can be a strain,and I sometimes feel isolated,but I know I can come here and get support,help,information and uplifted.Im so grateful that everyone has accepted me and kept me going when my life was in freefall.I love talking to everyone and laughing with everyone.So thanks guys,youre all the best

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  • I agree have made some fabulous friends from this site who know more about me than my family. x

  • Its lovely to feel so supported and understood,and to have a place that's safe to open up on.I hope you're well


    Tracey x

  • Morning Tracey, it's great to hear you're feeling happier. I know you've had a lot to cope with.

    I totally agree with you about the wonderful friendships we all have made on this forum.

    It's a breath of fresh air hearing about everyone's hobbies e.g., gardens, pets, cooking, families etc etc! It's lovely to be able to forget about our problems & health issues, even for a short while.

    We can all laugh & cry together because we all understand each other.

    I feel I could reach out & touch you all. It's fantastic for the morale & we all have a sense of belonging to a caring family.

    Hope you & you're family are well 💐

  • thank you,I'm so happy and content now.I have my family back and my health is stable,id like to say I'm the same but.......lmao 😂 I hope you're well.

    take care

    Tracey x

  • That's wonderful you found your niche here,we all need support at times.

    I went awol,for a while,as found it hard to cope,but did miss everyone a lot xx

  • I hope you're okay now.I went awol too,I didn't want to admit that I had problems and I built it up in my head,then when I shared my problems everyone was amazing.Im always here if you need a chatty slightly neurotic Scottish lassie in your corner 😉 LMAO 😂 xoxo

  • Thanks Tracey,will keep it in mind.Its good we both found our way back😊😘xxx

  • Yes its a really great forum and so glad I found it too. We're all here for one another which is great as even with family & friends to talk to I don't believe anyone really knows what its like living with a lung condition unless they "live it" themselves. Take care and keep posting with your news x

  • you're so right,its hard to explain how it feels to have a crappy disease that is sometimes all consuming.I hope you're well


    Tracey x

  • I'm Ok and hope you are too x

  • Oh i feel the same gothmum . It is the best of places. I hope you are doing okay today. Much love to you.

    Cas xx 🌸

  • It's so nice to see you popping up with posts and chattering away, Tracey. Neurotic? - I don't think so!!

    Take care and see you soon. Love, Sue x

  • Always here for you Tracey and l also tried sarc forums but not a patch on HU. So many lovely, kind people on here and it is great to be part of this forum.

    Love to you and your family and never feel isolated again. Xxx💖

  • Hello Tracey you're so right! it's so good to be able to drop in on this wonderful site full of wonderful people!😀 I'm so pleased you are coming and posting, it's always good to hear from you 😀 huff xxx

  • glad to hear your are getting support from the group , I have made some good friends on here since I joined my problem is im quiet and on the shy side but every one made me most welcome , hows hubby today hope nurse has been looking after him well , (for his ears only milk it mate for all its worth you might be able to drag it out to next week )

  • I to totally agree gothmum@ - this site has been a lifeline for me also. One thing I really appreciate is that you can join in by just reading,there's no pressure to write replies until you're ready. I'm so glad I'm part of the BLF forum- I've even suggested to my Respiratory Nurse at our local hospital,to recommend HU to new "COPD'ers.

  • I told my nurse about it too :)

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