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Tizzy Fits AND Getting A Grip

Tizzy Fits AND Getting A Grip

Following MY DNA results and my composure I have been looking further INTO my result.

I asked a simple question IS my DNA normal given DNA change from 185delAG to -

Picture Refers to BRCA1 - 2 mutaions.

The only reason am asking AS other report had normal BUT this seem to have been flaged.

Some say its normal BUT am not so sure.

Anyway it sent me on quest AND BRCA1 mutation is sign of chronic inflamation HOW true is that given my chronic lung inflammation.

Yup am a guy AND quite sure :)

NOW i was reading BUT how accurate it is i dont know BUT if you have all BRCA mutations it acts as cancer tumour suppresser.

But what i will be doing is asking telling my lung doctor i did DNA test and this in picture was flaged AND as i suffer chronic lung inflamation warrents further investagaing treatmeant in my opinion.

Also i discoverd MY DNA waighs 6.6 pound BUT thats all bmi stuff AND what happend to metric :)

Also my DNA consists of G's 6.6 pound them if you discount metric lol AND by all accounts THATs not good all them G's defo a Gosh.

But am

Not surprised WITH how been feeling.

O and here is intresting read FOUND on my travels


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Admire your determination to find out more JAS and why not? I hope your doctor agrees that it all needs further investigation. Good luck to you.

The link was also very interesting and a good read.

Take care xxx


Hi sassy Hi cheers am more curious .. am no expert but I think T,T denotes who I got it off T,T I think is both sides.

But you are right about variants and clinical inportance not checked for as this so many.

As to C - .. I think that denotes a change but one not tested for.

I guess that's how thay can say it's ok but this been a change I guess not tested for.

Thanks for treply glad found link's intresting :)

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Good link.


Interesting link Jeff; it's great your explorations are giving you feedback. You will have to see if Dr agrees. In all honesty, although I find it interesting, I don't understand DNA that well; let alone mutations. I should try harder because of their importance to cancer development & it's treatment. Good luck with it all. X

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Hi i did test with 23andMe and they are to kind with results of data.

Think they like not to disclose BUT make it easy for you to shaare you data so is decoded proper with no bar's.

I up loaded my data to sharing site and inflamation is my biggest issue.

APPARENTLY i have issue with SNP rs3842 mutation C,T.

That translate into higher lung cancer risk.

Yer think 23 defo new more than let on BUT they did say about proton pumps inhalers heart meds.

That was all true SO think they did know more than was comfortable with disclosing.

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