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Myalgic encephalopathy and Dyspnoea

Hi, I have myalgic encephalopathy/ chronic fatigue syndrome and am suffering more and more from Dyspnoea while carrying out light tasks like climbing stairs or even just talking as it is only due to my ME/CFS i wake up in night having dreamt I can't breath actually not being able to breath when woken up it's getting difficult to control and I don't know how to help myself just putting head between my knees or using paper bag isn't working any help would be greatfuly received h

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Hi Rachael & welcome. I can't offer any advise or suggestions, but just wanted to say hi. There's lits of very knowledgeable people on here so I'm sure you will get dome sugestio s latter. Best wishes Nan


Why do you assume your breathing issues are related to ME/CFS? I also have ME plus COPD. Certainly prior to diagnosis of COPD I never considered my breathing issues to be due to ME.

Your breathing issues could be due to any number of reasons and we can't diagnose you.

I suggest you speak to your GP and or ME/COPD specialist.

I hope you get some answers soon.


Hi Rachel. My eldest son has ME and he had all the problems that you describe, and many more. I'm happy to say that he had great care and is now teaching again, full-time. He did, however, have six years when he was virtually unable to do anything. Speak to your doctor and look at sites that deal with anxiety because although the two conditions are different, some helpful treatments are very similar. Wishing you all the best. Pam XXX


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