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Antibiotic advice yes or no?

Hi everyone just hope your all keeping as well as you can at this time of the year.

Quick quiestion i had a left upper lung rescection for aslergillus on aug 17 2016. Had flu jab last week got ill had cough with clear mucus now changed to chesty cough with slight green this morn only. Made docs appintment. Breathing a bit off nothing ventolin and saline nebs cant handle. Do i need antibiotics because i dont know if its viral or bacterial?

Thanks and have a great day everyone.

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if you feel chesty and phlem has changed colour I would start your rescue pack , but if you get an appointment to day to see gp you can always ask him a couple of hours shouldn't make any difference , hope your feeling better soon ,

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Get well soon and speak to GP about how things are. Xxxx


Take things easy until you see the doctor which will be soon hopefully, hope you feel better soon.,😊


I would say no antibiotic yet.

Have you got a high temperature ? and is the colour of phlem going a deeper green ? chances are you picked up a virus from the flue vaccine clinic. Make sure you drink 2ltrs of water per day, I drink it warm ! sometimes with fresh fruit juice or ginger root added, rest and keep warm and see gp if it does not improve.

The trouble with antibiotics is they also kill good bacteria in gut, I take as little as possible and many infections subside on their own in time, sometimes I put 1/4 teaspoon 3% hydrogen peroxide (same as gargle you buy in chemist) in each ear to control any invading infection, it often does the trick for me. I had a lower left lung lobectomy 45 years ago.. still here !


Sorry missed this post earlier. Hope you got to see the Doc today and you are more clear about things now. If not when you see your Doc take a sample of sputum - or ask him to get one sent for testing so that they know what antibiotic is best to treat it. With your recent op and problems that may be the best way to go.

Good Luck X

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Just got back chest clear sputum sample took. In response to freefaller i never get a targeted antibiotic just clarithomycin or doxycycline is there more?

Thanks everyone your amazing and have a great day!


I had a flu jab on Thursday of last week. Felt OK but as the days passed I became more unwell which culminated in me being blue lighted in an ambulance to my local A&E at 03:30 on Sunday morning as I had become very short of breath and could not stabilise myself.

I had the usual treatment at A&E -salbutamol nebs back to back; steroids etc. Eventually I was transferred to an Acute Admissions ward where I stayed until yesterday (Tuesday). I was told that I had a severe exacerbation of my COPD which was probably caused by a viral infection which, in other words, was caused by the flu vaccine.

The Respiratory Consultant said that they had quite a few COPD patients that had received a flu jab and as a result required urgent medical treatment for the exacerbation it caused. So if you have had a flu jab and your general health and particularly your breathing gets worse then I would that you urgently get medical advice from your GP or Hospital.


Thanks paul hope your recovering ok. Still got really thick clear mucus cough on left side where lobectomy resection was. Using huff cough technique and using nebuliser with saline and salbutomol. Breathing not too bad just pain from coughing. If still there friday see what dic says even though my chest is miraculosy clear strange.

Thanks everyone and take care.


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