Tummy rumbles

Hi all this is rather a wired one but does anyone experience extreme tummy rumbles?

I'm still undiagnosed but my last spiro showed mild low airway obstruction and I'm having breathing troubles where I have to breath heavy and seem to have trouble exhaling fully and when I'm also getting extreme tummy rumbles high up under my diaphragm which is worse when exhaling and feel it's linked to my breathing, it improves after I take my inhaler. Anyone experience the same thing?

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  • All the time tinkz. Mostly to do with all my various meds. Or if I get greedy & eat a big meal. a little often & not to late works for me.

    Do have a chat to your Dr. I gave to take Omoprazole ( Don't think I've spelt that correctly). Hope you get sorted soon. Best wishes Nan

  • I get it because I have IBS and acid reflex. I take Rabeprazole. Good advice from Nanaeal. XXX

  • I get that because of hiatus hernia and take Lansoprazole. Xxx

  • Thanks for the info,is there a link between acid reflux and breathing problems ? I also have to clear my throat constantly especially when I'm talking is that typical with it also?

  • Yes there is. Try sleeping with an extra pillow and drink plenty water, warm if you can hack it! 😊 XXX

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