Copd exacerbation

My husband (70) is just home from hospital after an infected copd exacerbation. His oxygen levels are around 88-90. He has night sweats and has lost weight . No appetite and not much energy. He's on a 20 day tapering course of steroids. His hospital experience was not a happy one and he wants to avoid going in again. Normally his cough is bad enough for him to be on antibiotics monthly. Does anyone have any tips for recognising when a bad exacerbation is on the horizon? Thanks for your help

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Sorry to hear about your husbands poor health and stay in hospital. Petes cough changes and l can actually hear the tightness in his chest and his breathing changes.

Wishing your husband well and you take care. Xxxx😘😘😘

Thankyou for your help

Hi Deb,

My specialist I've been seeing for 32 years has me on antibiotics all the time.

If I get an infection, it's usually mild. Before being on antibiotics, my lungs would be green with infection.

See my post re hypertonic saline. I make mine pretty strong. Cleans my lungs.

Hope your husband feels better soon.

A chest infection lays you very low. Aches, chest pains, ribs hurting etc. and more.

Cheers Maddy

Thanks. I'll look at your post re saline

Sorry your husband is unwell. I hope he soon recovers. Usually, I begin to feel 'fluey'. My cough is more moist, my chest tight & I wheeze on exertion. I feel exhausted & just want to rest. I hope this helps. X

Thanks.mhe has mentioned that fluey feeling so that's helpful

Good afternoon Deb,

I am so sorry your husband had a bad time of it in hospital, and I can understand he doesn't want to repeat the experience. I can only speak for myself. I have moderate copd but am prone to any chest infection going round. My first indication is perhaps the most telling, a change from clear to cloudy phlegm, then colour change and a wheezy cough. Hope this is of some help to you. Does your husband keep a rescue pack on hand so he can start it straight away for extra help or does this not apply as he is already on steroids and antibiotics?

Thanks. Yes he has a rescue pack of antibiotics and steroids, but this time neither worked.

I had an exacerbation, which put me in hospital. I had been short of breath, so he thought I would get an angio test and possibly have a stent put in. Whilst in hospital I had a minor heart attack, and since the medics couldn't tell if my shortage of breath was due to COPD or heart failure. I was sent home with some medicines and told I would be re-assessed later.

Did the docs say anything about your husbands heart condition?

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