COPD and Rehab clinic

Just want to say how good the Pulmanory rehabilitation course is.

I would recommend it to everyone if you haven't already been. It is a positive mix of small teaching sessions, use of excercise equipment with oxygen and Blood pressure measured before and after, advice on use of inhalers, visits to group from Talking health and other advice about the disease. It's helpful to meet with people of all ages, you even get the chance to be referred to a gym for COPD sufferers at a fraction of the normal cost. For those feeling depressed and unmotivated would be ideal to have the chance to socialise. The specialist nurse will even ask your GP to prescribe medications. Nothing is too much trouble and the team are very sympathetic but positive.

Ask to be referred as there is a waiting list.

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  • Thanks for that. I'm waiting for an appointment to come through for pulmonary rehabilitation course and you've just answered all the questions that I needed to ask. So pleased that you're finding it beneficial.

    Best wishes

    Pam X

  • Glad to hear that you found this so useful.

  • Flowerpowerz Don't think they have it here I'm having phone troubles

  • My doctor thought we didn't have a Pulmonary Rehab group in the area!

    I went to a Breatheasy group and a nurse from the RESP team talked to us about Pulmonary Rehab and encouraged us all to ask to be referred. I told her my doctor had said there was nothing about in our area and she raised her eyebrows. I asked if he might think I was not bad enough to benefit. Again, she raised her eyebrows and said, 'YOU are the patient we want to be working with. We need you before you get bad so we can stop you going into hospital!' She wrote all the details down for me.

    I took the details with me to my COPD check up. I asked to be referred and the nurse said, 'Oh, there's nothing like that in this area.' Ta dah! Out came the info which I handed to her. She was gobsmacked to find the group was up and running. Then she said, 'But they probably won't accept you as there will be a long waiting list.'

    I insisted and only waited a few months to get on the course. It was brilliant!

    Before you accept there is nothing in your area, see if you can do a bit of digging for information. You know they always say, 'Information is power!' and in my case that was certainly true!

    Good luck!

  • Great well done, we need to be more pro active.

  • Maybe ask or go online to see where nearest one is?

  • I have done this twice now. As Flowerpowerz sets out it is great; very beneficial & enjoyable. X

  • Good morning flowerpowerz,

    Sound advice for everyone. It really is great. I wish I could go on a more regular basis.


  • Absolutely right. I am so much better at walking than when I started. I do at least five walks a week - not always long but at a faster pace than normal - and I bought weights from Amazon so that I can do the four exercises every second day .What a difference -- marvellous.

  • Yep, I am much more motivated now and know how important it is to keep fit. I'm walking much more now.

  • I recently started PR after a two year wait. Lovely bunch of people, enthusiastic and caring. After months of caring for my hubby this is MY time for me. Think I will smuggle myself into their next round.

  • Hello. Is this a group thing..

  • Yes it's the Pulmanory Rehabilitation group and you can ask your COPD nurse or GP to refer you? Also look at talking health they work alongside respitory clinics.

  • I can only echo your sentiments and recommendations about the rehab sessions; I'm beginning my 11th week of twice a week visits and plan on continuing through the winter..., or until they kick me out.

    It's been a great way to get the double benefit of new people and exercise...., all of which is very beneficial psychologically and physically.

    I'm glad I did it.

  • Yes I agree, we all need all the support and encouragement to do these things. I didn't take my COPD that seriously before but now I have more respect for the fact I have to look after myself better, don't want to slide into the really acute phase of the illness by neglect. I now know how important it is to get right treatments etc and to look after me!

  • Glad it's helped those who go. Something else that's helped motivate me is a pedometer on my IPhone, all your steps are counted and it really helps you to do more excericise. I am committed to getting fitter this winter so that when I have flare ups I can overcome them better and more quickly. The other things that are so basic but good to be reminded of are things like rescue packs in our cupboards, flue jabs and using the inhalers properly, all this and more discussed with you at the PR clinic. Today they put me on a new powder inhaler so it's good to have this advice. I have been unwell for four days with heavy cold but started the anti biotics without delay and feeling more positive about self management and care of disease.

  • I had to complete a pulmonary rehab course as part of my journey to a lung volume reduction surgery. I found it very useful and I'm now recovering from the op. It was keyhole surgery and I had a third of the top lobe of my right lung ( basically they cut the emphysema out) I had the op on the 22nd August and will be returning to work next week. It's amazing the difference this has made to the quality of my life. I can go upstairs without using my inhaler. I don't wheeze or have to stop for rest whereas before I had to keep stopping to rest when out walking. I can carry my shopping and vacuum and all of the things that I was previously unable to do. I am starting my pulmonary rehab exercises this week as I feel I would get even more benefit from them now. Couldn't recommend the course enough to people. Apart from feeling better in myself, it's good to talk to others in the same situation.

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