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New here diagnosed some emphysema

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Hi all I am fairly new to this site but it does seem to be very "clicky" I was told I had some emphysema after a ct scan for something else. My lung function was pretty normal heart rate good no symptons at present follow up in 3mths. I was given no medication all seems positive you might say however I do worry this disease will progress rapidly. I am 60yrs old. I have posted before but no one but 2 seem to answer so I am trying again. Any advice would be most welcome

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If your lung function was normal and you have no symptoms you are probably very mild. Have you had a spirometry test?

Good diet and exercise and you should be fine.

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Bigdoo in reply to Swerv

Yes spirometry test came back more or less normal. Thakyouu for your reply

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Swerv in reply to Bigdoo

Do you know what the FEV% was?

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Bigdoo in reply to Swerv

Fev1 101% fvc 116% fev1/fvc 73%

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Swerv in reply to Bigdoo

100% is normal. No problem with your lungs so as before, diet and exercise.

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Bigdoo in reply to Swerv

Thank you so much you have been reassuring to say the least

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Swerv in reply to Bigdoo

Further information:

Don't have any experience with emphysema I am afraid. Got to say every thing seems very positive for you at the moment. Get onto the British Lung Foundation website and get their information on emphysema or ring their specialist nurses to give you more information on the treatment you should be getting and things you should be doing to minimise progression and the impact of the disease. Diet and exercise are always important so ask about breathing exercises too.


Good advice was given on previous post by " egendi" little more to add,

If the best advice as already be given there would be little point in adding to this. You will see the fore mentioned post received six likes. That means six members agreed with the content and could offer no further advice.

There is also the question of a post being unlocked, some members are reluctant to answer any post that are not locked.

To rectify if you wish to, click the box with the arrow, at bottom of your post, click edit. Scroll to bottom of post and click " community only" this means members only can read and reply to your post.

The progression of the condition is largely dependent on factors which could contribute to its decline such as inhalation of toxic fumes and smoke including second hand smoke from others. The fact you are not on medication is a very good sign.

Keep on posting members will reply, not all questions can be answered.

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Well said - I was puzzled for I saw that previous questions put by Hidden had in fact been answered or liked by members.

Looking at your figures I'd say there was nothing wrong with you. Have you had a CT scan and a chest X-ray as I believe that Emphasyma and other lung conditions can only be diagnosed properly from the results of these tests.

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Bigdoo in reply to Pantani

Yes I had ct scan which showed the emphysema.

Thank you for your advice it was most welcome. It is just a little daunting when you are told you have emphysema

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Pantani in reply to Bigdoo

Well I was diagnosed in 2004 and I'm still around. My figures are a lot lower than yours. So exercise regularly and eat healthily and you should last a long time.

Not "clicky" Bigdoo just kind, caring and supportive with a bit of humour thrown in for good measure.

If a post is locked people seem more willing to reply as it all stays within the community.

Wishing you well and hope you post again. Enjoy your day. Xxxxx

Hello Bigdoo,

I'm sorry you have the wrong impression of us. We really are not cliquey, all are welcome here, whether just for a chat or for help. I have not been here very long, but do feel to gain anything out of the Site you have to have two way traffic. Good advice from others, and I would also add exercise and diet - this is important. If you make sure your posts are locked many more will be happy to correspond. Some are a little wary if the post is unlocked. I look forward to seeing you more on here.


Morning Bigdoo, I'm sorry to hear of your diagnosis of Emphysema. Your numbers are great so if you look after yourself by doing, exercise, not smoking, having a good diet, you will live a long life, God willing.

On this forum, all newcomers are very welcome. The more the merrier! The reason not many answered you is because you've left your post open to the wide world & not kept it for the community so only members can read it. Therefore I would not agree we are 'clicky', as you put it, in the least.

Take care & keep well 💐

You have misunderstood, there is nothing clicky about the sight. Everyone is very friendly and helpful given the chance, we are all in the same boat.. It surprises me you have been diagnosed with emphysema with lung function that you have. Have you my breatlessness and what is your oxygen levels. If these are all ok the best you can do is keep yourself fit and healthy. Exercise is very important. Good luck SueE

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Bigdoo in reply to seyre

No I am not breathless and I do not know what oxygen levels are. Was told I had centrilobular emphysema after a ct scan for something else. I go back to see lung specialist Nov. They say chest is clear and heart rate nirmal it is all very confusing plus concerning. Thank you for your repky

I can understand your concern but if you are not breathless I would not worry as that is the main symptom of emphysema.

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Bigdoo in reply to seyre

My oxygen level is 95 dont understand it. Thank you for your reply hope you are well xx

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