Hi everyone I have suffered from copd for a number of years and it is steadily getting worse, I applied for pip a few months ago had to attend a meeting it's not really a medical more of a verbal communication i am pleased to say that I was awarded standard mobility it's not a lot of money but every little helps and its not means tested. I would urge anyone with the same condition to apply.

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  • Good news suzie, certainly worth applying. Xxxx

  • Just remember to take someone with you,preferably someone who knows how your condition affects your everyday life.

  • Hubby Pete has Sarcoidosis and COPD and receives his benefits but nice to post for others. Thank you. Xxx

  • No problem I think there should be more help for people to apply as the forms can be stressful to fill in and complicated xx

  • I am glad you got your PIP. Quite a few on here get it too.

  • @suzie1962 I have copd diagnosed 2 yrs ago along with sarcadois when can u tell it's getting worse Im new to this What is a pip The internet is new to me

  • Hi six1 my breathing was getting worse even on short walks , I live in a first floor flat have been for 9 yrs but now I can't manage the 17 stairs to my flat the council have now offered me a ground floor flat due to my medical report, even carrying my shopping is a struggle I also received a bus pass to help get me about. Pip is personal independent payment there is 2 elements, 1 is the care element if someone helps you but that's difficult to get the other is mobility which is what I get although on the standard rate just a bit extra which helps incase I need to get taxis or pay for petrol when getting the bus is not feasible. X

  • Good news suzie1962 . Nice of you to let others know that it is there for the asking - and yes, every little does help.


  • I have a worsening copd and chrons I have applied twice for pip. As I am over 65 I can't apply for the motorbility side more of a attendance. I have been turned down twice. Got blue badges these I have to see a nurse for every 3 years. Glad you have got it well done 😀

  • Hi sorry to hear that sometimes I think it depends on the person you see as my sister has the same condition but was refused x

  • How rite you are

    The systems broke, so unfair.

    boo , hiss 👎🏻☹

  • Would have thought you could claim attendance allowance which could help. Worth getting a form to apply.

  • Difficult to get as i can manage to make a meal,bathe myself. It's basically the walking and carrying that affects me the most. When I take chest infections or other related problems my sister helps but as its not constant I'm not entitled to attendance allowance x

  • Me too!

  • Hi attendance allowance is for people over 65. But I think they are going to stop paying that.

  • As yet it's not cast in stone, as to Attendance Allowance being dispensed with .

  • Oh dear well knowing my luck if I did get it end up stopping it lol 😫

  • I've just been turned down for Attendance Allowance too. I have asthma, COPD and Bronchiectasis as well as Menieres Disease which causes vertigo. I rely on my husband to help with physio and, when I have bad days he has to do everything. It seems, however, that this is not enough! Ah, well, I'll try again next year. The money would have been very useful to help pay for someone to do the things I can no longer manage, but thanks to my wonderful ,we get by.

  • Hi thereMoyB and I read your article about your dealing with the DHSS,attendance or mobility allowance. I had initially sent off my forms to revieve a complete 100% refusal. I then appealed which put 5 years on my life due to the stress and worry. However, I tevieved yet another refusal. So I opted for my final appeal ( think they cslled it a Tribunal ) and it was probably a year since my first application, that I was awarded both the care and mobility components! Quite unbelievable when you think off the cost of each appeal. I would advise you very strongly to act now if you are still unhappy with part/all their decisions. DONT wait until next year. Good luck and do keep us all informed of your progress etc.

  • If you declined Twice, you are entitled to appeal their decision.Community Law, previously Citizens advice Bureau, are very helpful, with Solicitors who volunteer their time in many aspects of Law.Have as much documentation to support your conditions and the effects they have on your life Speaking as a Respiratory Nurse ,and nursed my late Husband with complex respiratory diseases which were terminal.Good luck if you appeal, 😊 .

  • Well I might try again as I am up all night coughing trying get my breath. I can't walk far either.

    Don't get me wrong I am grateful for what I can do 😀 But when you know people who get it for hardly anything makes you wonder. 😡

  • It would certainly help me to have a blue badge as my mobility is becoming harder month on month. Have been told that for COPD; forget it it you won't get one!!! Any views on this please?

    Thank you and have a gentle Sunday.

  • Dont know about a blue badge as I got a bus pass.

  • Thanks Suzie-am in depths of the sticks!! Have to use car to shops, etc.

  • I also can have a bus pass as I am 71 😭 now but you are still entitled to a blue badge.

  • An assessment is based on your ability to walk unaided. Being breathless Should be taken into account. You can fill in a form on line. Good luck

  • Thanks: will have a look in line.

  • Joyce didn't know you could do it online might have another go. The money would come in handy I can't go out much with my breathing I get so tired and coughing loads of mucus up. Gone a lot worse the last 2 years.

  • Ian I to have copd and I have a blue badge you should apply you have nothing to lose hope you are accepted

    Sue x

  • Apply for it and you have to see a nurse asking questions take your prescription. I am due again in April 2017 good luck 👍

  • Ian-D@ I think it can vary from council to council with these Blue Badges but I've had mine now for several years all under the illness of COPD and the limited walking I can do etc etc. Please try again and explain just how much of a struggle you have when you have to walk. Good luck and let us know how you get on won't you?

  • I

  • Good news for you Suzy, enjoy

  • Shzie that's great news! I have been sent notification of change from DLA to pop I have been so worried my health has been bad all summer so I am hoping to win my case at the moment I receive higher rate mobility which I use for my car I have moderate c o p d Can you tell me what stage c o p d yiu have please ?

  • I have had copd for 15yrs and it's just over the last 2yrs I have been struggling permanent cough constant chest infections and colds doc finally issued me with a handheld copd card so my chemist can issue me with antibiotics and steroids haven't asked what stage but just know I'm struggling and accepting any help in can get.

  • I applied for a review of my DLA 2 years ago (over 65 but have had DLA for a long time so don't get Attendance Allowance) Make sure you tell them everything that life is like on your very worst days. I told them about mobility issues and although I can't have Mobility Allowance they must have taken it into account. Send copies of any hospital letters you have - ask your GP if you don't have them. I was pleasantly surprised to find that they increased my DLA to the middle rate within two weeks. I use it to have a cleaner. The same thinking applies for a Blue Badge, it is the distance you can walk that matters most - they ask for a point which you can reach without difficulty so they can check it on a map! For me it was the house opposite. Don't be brave - tell it how it is. As regards not retesting those with permanent incurable problems, I am very glad for my son who is autistic. He manages very well until he meets officialdom and the has a meltdown.

  • I can't walk very far without stopping as I'm out of breath I don't drive so the bus pass is a great help .

  • Hi I have a bus pass for the same reason as you. Also check with taxi company's in your area to see if they have taxi cards it gives you a discount on the fares. I have one.

  • Like most of us with COPD we all struggle I am only 49 and have it severely. But I don't want to give in and get on with it the best I can, a friend of mine gave me some good advise, and said how do I really feel on my black days and this is the information I gave to the person reviewing me for my pip. It's my bad days that stop me from working Unfortunatly I always worked a physical job, wish I had the skills to work in an office now. But the pip does help. Good luck

  • I am in the same boat am 49 also after getting pneumonia I have had to give up my job also physical wish I could find a nice sit down job in the warm but not qualified. We have to stay positive and push ourselves to stay as fit as our conditions let us.

  • I have just applied for pip I am waiting to hear from them, I enclosed letter from my consultant and copy of my repeat prescription.does everbody have to go for an assessment.? And how long does it all take

  • There is an independent UK website called 'Benefits and Work' which offers valuable information on PIP and other benefits. I recomend looking at it even if you do have some benefits.

  • Excellent link you've given there Ratatouille@. I've used the Benefits and Work site myself in the past and it gives you an insight into how to answer the questions correctly !!! Its all about scoring points,so sad really.

  • The only issue with Benefits and Work website is you have to pay for it not a fortune but still.

    Another useful website is CAB - they give ALOT of information and advice with how to complete the PIP form.

    I recently was successful getting something for both mobility and care parts. Also gave LOADS of reports and had a friend with me for the 'interview '

  • I have used the benefits and work site without paying

  • A very good website for ESA and PIP is The fightback forum, excellent personalised help.

  • That is a good site but I think you have to pay for the help they give you.

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