Awaiting diagnosis

These are my first moments here. I posted something already, and am not sure if I did so amiss. I have not been professionally diagnosed, and have taken no tests. I have all the symptoms, however. I was exposed to fumes and dust at work, and terrible secondhand smoke from my neighbors wherever I've lived. I'm looking-in to free clinic assistance, here in Southern California. My O2 is a steady 7, resting or working out. And I just learned today it is all about CO2, and the removal of it, that causes the rest of the issues.

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  • That's a steady 97 oxygen

  • Wouldn't like to comment on anything until you have seen a Doctor. Hope it doesn't take too long for you to get to see one . Take care and try not to worry. Keep in touch so we know how you are getting on. All the best

  • Good advice. I will.

  • @newname I was exposed to harden chemical I lived around chemical co I was diagnosed with sacordosis in 2014

  • I had to look that one up. Says it can heal on its own. I guess there a so many similar symptoms to so many conditions, I shouldn't be too quick to assume anything. I just hope I have an allergy.

  • newname yes it does unfortunately I found out to late plus I smoked 27yrs I have copd with pulmonary hypertension also Hope it's only allergies Keep me posted

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