As yet, undiagnosed

I'm in California, but I have a lung condition, which puts us on the same footing.

I have been diagnosing myself online, as I cannot afford a doctor. The "free clinic" is being looked into today. So far, it appears I have COPD, and now I discover that my 97 oxygen level, sitting or running, isn't the issue, but the removal of CO2. While I await approval for my doctor visit, is there a way to check our CO2 level at home?

Next question: What conditions mimic COPD? I have quite a time with the common cold; my body producing histamine galore, and my hands, feet, face and tongue can swell gigantic for 24 hours. I would feel I was dealt 4 aces to learn I don't have COPD, but my breathing is becoming less effective, without breathing deeply, and I feel quite goofy sometimes.

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  • If you have copd you find you get more tired and breathless especially climbing hills and steps. You might also have a cough. You will probably need inhalers to breathe probably. This is in the milder stages.

  • I'm just starting to notice a little need for more air upon exertion, but I also notice it when I'm lying down, a bit. I am also fighting off the remnant of a chest cold, too. So many things make the lungs work less effectively. I'm hoping for better news from a doc.

  • The only way to check c02 levels is by a blood gas test where they take blood from your earlobe or your wrist ....Symptoms of retaining c02 is waking with severe headaches that stay with you through the day but ease off a little ...unable to concentrate and feeling drowsy

    Your oxygen levels are really good

  • Alpha 1 deficiency is often the real cause of COPD which is seldom thought about by doctors


  • I've thought about this, since I first read about it a week ago. I have a morbid response to cigarettes, but love to be around a cigar or pipe, because of the fragrance. It would seem that any smoke would take your breath away, if it wasn't simply an allergy.

  • About the missing protein thingy, with cigarettes it's like salt on an open wound. I read the ingredients of cigarettes at the Phillip/Morris website, and the only offensive thing ADDED to a cigarette that isn't found in pipe or cigar smoke is lye---believe it or not. That could do some damage. Without a protective coating in my lungs, things so caustic would do a lot of harm. I get around cigarette smoke for just 3 minutes, and I get congested for 5 days.

  • It's important: Do any of you have symptoms similar to what I just described?

  • The symptoms you describe are not specific to one disease, You may or may not have COPD and it may or may not be caused by Alpha 1 but nobody on here can diagnose you. You really need to see a medic.

  • Hello newname .

    I'm sorry you find yourself in the position you are in. I have restrictive lung disease and although it is not the same disease as COPD it has very similar symptoms. I only got my diagnosis through testing although I did read up a lot hoping to be able to make sense of what was going on. Of course reading up is helpful but getting opinions from those experts in the field will help to determine the next course of action.


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