I got to quit

iam 60yrs old been smoking for about 50 yrs. just started o2 at night a couple of months ago. iam beating myself up, I have to quit I put on the patch but I still smoke. at the age of 43 my first attack and big one it was. two stents then . at 47 2 more stents then at 51 emergency bypass widow maker was 96% blocked. luck out that time. then at 56 colon removed. when do you learn. when iam not on o2 iam at 86% o2 with o2 and cpap machine at 98%. will my lung heal if I quit smoking right now.

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Hi I gave up 11 years ago I smoked 20 a day and the thought of giving up petrified me.

I didn't even want to give up but I had been diagnosed with COPD and in my hart of harts I knew I had to do something. My daughter dragged me to the local quit clinic. They were really good they made me feel like I was in control and I chose to quit with the help of champix.

The DR gave me a prescription and off I went home read the instructions that night at bed time I took my first tablet for the next 9 days I continued to smoke and take the tablets { I took mine at night so any side effects I could sleep through them } then on the 10 day Friday I found I wasn't enjoying them. On the Saturday morning I woke up and couldn't face a cigarette and haven't smoked since. You continue to take the tablets after you quit for a few weeks.

Since quitting I feel a lot better and my lung capacity stayed the same for 3 years until I caught the flu. Who know what I would be like today if I continued to smoke oxygen most definitely and my breathing would be worse. I'm now 21 {54} I have 3 inhalers and emergency meds in the house, I try to exercise regular in the pool to keep my lung in the best health I can and going to the pool I have met some really nice people my lung will never improve but quitting smoking, exercise and the flu jab every year will slow my COPD down.

This is my story I'm sure many more members have there own story to tell that will help you and remember we are always hear to support you

Hi There

I would say good advice from onamission . I am 65 with 20% lung function remaining when I was diagnosed with COPD I also gave up smoking with the use of the Champix course of tablets it's a very clever little tablet I smoked for about 4 weeks while taking the tablet the course is about 9 or 10 weeks I think but by week 4 I really couldn't face a cigarette. You definitely will feel better for having stopped just just knowing you are doing the best you can for your lungs. I am still very limited in what I can do walking is my worst enemy and stairs but I can do a little of both I enjoy my gardening in the summer and can toddle round the supermarket with the aid of the supermarket trolley to support me, and potter round the house. I think if I hadn't stopped smoking I would no longer be able to enjoy even the small amounts I do. So try and improve you quality of life by stopping to smoke you will feel better for it. Good Luck you will get lots of support here and not just nagging a very nice group of people with good sound advice.

Take Care


thank-you you are very sweet i know now i have to its to the point of my lower lip is blue kind of scary


Smoking and enriched medical oxygen do not mix, it is a must that you seek support to stop smoking. Ask at your local pharmacy they may offer one to one smoking cessation classes, with the extra help of phone number.

Even your GP should be more supportive considering the use of oxygen.

Smoking affects the effects of oxygen, though I've forgotten in what ways. There's a Quit Smoking forum on healthunlocked which might give you some extra help.

Your lungs and your heart need you to stop and you can't manage without them. Beating yourself up won't help - looking after yourself will. It really will.

Sue x

Please don't beat yourself up kurt, I'm sure lots of people struggle the same, I gave up a good while ago, I still get times where I could easily smoke again, what I say to myself is I've already smoked the next cigarette, the next one is the same as all the ones I've ever smoked, no change, no satisfaction, why bother, ( for me guilt tripping on myself doesn't work ), if craving very strong I pretend I've a patch on and that it's working. Beating yourself up want work, accepting support and encouragement from this site will. I also found working out my emotional attachment to the addiction really helpful. Best of luck kurt, you will get there in the end xx

thank-you yea one way or another lol

Please give up. It will help. I used patches. I'd stopped long before I finished patches.

Kathy. x

I have just managed to give up after about 50 years of heavy smoking and it has been hard. I found the nicotine gum was best for me. It has only been a couple of months but there is no doubt that I am feeling a lot better and I now have no phlegm. Keep at it - it's worth it. Good luck.

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