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Something in my left hand side

For about a month I am feeling some kind of discomfort in my left hand side of body near my chest and ribs. I don't feel any pain but there is this constant discomfort. I don't know if it is just a feeling or not. Sometimes it is in my left chest area sometimes near my armpit or below it. I don't notice it when I am concentrating on something else but I become aware about it when I am sitting idle. It is worse during night time and I am unable to sleep . I keeps worrying about it most of the time.Can anyone give any help or advice??

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Usaly be strained muscals if coughing alot.

If was anything dodgy your lynth nodes. In armpits would be swallon ' the feel like line of rice crispis ' going from arm pit to breast.

ALSO neck ones where jugular are might be raised BUT dout be out like that might be even infection.

If worred and disturbing sleep go and see your gp doctor


Jeff is right. The more common reason for this pain is stress on the muslces around the bottom of the rib cage. Scarilly, this can also result in a spasm (cramp) that gives the impression of a heart attack. Either way, it is more sensible to go to your GP and get a confirmed diagnosis.


Jeff's advice is good. As you are worried and are having trouble sleeping, you should see your doctor. He/she is the best person to advise you.


Yes, GP checked my sore left ribs and confirmed it was just intercostal muscle strain, usually when I've exerted myself but not taken my Ventolin inhaler first. So it's probably nothing to worry about, anandkannammoola, but do get it checked by your GP.

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Thanks for the advice folks. I'll consult a doctor.


Snap,,, I think ? ... I have ,,, discomfort on my left side ,,,but mine is more

Put your left hand on your waist and it's above just there more side bachpk than chest ,and I notice it more when I'm lying down in bed ,,,,I have mentioned it to the PR nurse and she says it's most likely muscular due to the coughing ,,,,,probably right in my case ,,,as last infections and cough have caused me to have a double prolapse,,,,but always best to talk to your GP ,best wishes ,


Hi 'an', I have the same thing, the physio told me it's my intercostal muscles and gave me some exercises to do (when don't they?). The exercises are holding my tummy in and pulling my shoulders back gently 5 x 3 times and day, also same stance raising arms to shoulder level and counting to ten, same numer, 5x 3 times a day. She also said don't sit for more than 10 minutes without getting up and moving. Hope this helps. Take care, Lizzy x


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