Good evening all. I have COPD and have like all of you have struggled with the symptoms. However I have recently been to Cornwall for a short break and I was so suprised how well I felt , has anyone any imput on this it was bizarre the difference was amazing . This has been in the last couple of weeks .Any help appreciated. Thank you in anticipation .

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Could well be the sea air as it does make a difference. Xxxx

Hi Sassy...

It certainly does.

It's 10pm here, and l am sitting outside overlooking the Mediterranean....beautiful night air......not coughed once.

Malta's Magic air. πŸ˜‚



Hello velvet,

Great - you are having a smashing holiday. Thinking about you living it up:-)


Where are you in Malta velvet? Pete and l went to Valletta some years ago. Malta is an interesting country.

Have fun and stay well. Xxxxxx

Hi Sassy

We are in a lovely hotel in a quiet part of Buggiba...St Paul's Bay.... opposite end to Valletta.


Wonderful! Enjoy your time there velvet. Xxxx

My late aunt & uncle used to have an apartment in St Paul's Bay. They stayed there for many months every year. They loved Malta πŸ‡²πŸ‡Ή

Heading to St.Paul Bay in January any idea as to what the weather will be like then?

Hope you're having a wonderful time Velvet, πŸŒžπŸΉπŸΈβ˜€οΈEnjoy 😊 yourself! πŸ’

hope your having a good time ,

Hello and welcome Marcel-wave,

Yes - the sea air in Cornwall and Devon really is special. I'm very glad that it has helped.

Hello Marcel wave

I agree... it's so much nicer than our polluted cities


Hi Marcel wave. Glad you found the sea air so beneficial. For me, it's great, but it's the whole package that does the trick. I work seven days a week, so a holiday is the only time I can truly look after myself. The combination of sea air, no stress, good food, lots of exercise and generally not having to think and make important decisions works wonders! Usually hire bikes for the week and my breathing is fine.

Stay well and look after yourself. 😊

I use a salt pipe, seems to help with my emphysema

Would love to hear more about salt pipes?

you can look up himalayan salt pipes on the web

Thank you.

Hi Marcel-wave I went to Cornwall this year had a lovely week in a little place called Hollywell bay about 4 miles from New key, We stayed in a bungalow and while you were having a shower you could see the tide coming in.

The sea air did me good but just being away also did me good we should all move by the beach

Hi πŸ‘‹ Marcel-wave, I agree the sea 🌊 air is beneficial to us who have lung conditions. I love Cornwall & I'm glad you enjoyed your break there.

I live on the coast, the beach is on my doorstep. The air is always clean & fresh. I always notice the difference when I come back home 🏑 from visiting the city.

Take care 🌷

Hi I live by the seaside so I'm not surprised

I go to Dorset a couple of times a year &.stay close to the sea. I can do so much more, walk further & I feel well. I think it is the sea air. I lived in Bournemouth as a child & would love to retire back there but I have yet to convince my husband to move. Maybe one day..

I have been sorting old family photographs and I have found some of me walking along the beach in West Wales without a care in the world.

My breathing is certainly much better at the coast . I think the Victorians knew a thing or two when they built all those seaside resorts and piers .

Air quality is something I no longer worry about. Scotland, Canada ,always had good air middle of England and Europe was never to good for me,35 years ago I fell off the plane "Free booze" in Auckland, and found out what fresh air was all about. Only two trips back in all those years,both times confirmed air quality my asthma came on with vengeance, maybe mind over matter but I will be staying put ,only wish I could send some for you to try .

We used to live in the Midlands, hubby was diagnosed with Asbestosis and COPD and was told he probably would have a very short life span. I read everything I could lay my hands on, as he was poorly at the time his resistance was low (lol) so I found somewhere to live in Somerset, close enough to the coast to get the benefits. Been here nearly 6 years now and his health has improved and his consultant check ups have gone from 6 months to 10 months, ok he will never be better but he has a reasonably good life and more importantly we are happy.

Hi secondlife

That's wonderful for you both.


Luckily I live fairly near the the so the effects of my copd does not kick in too bad till I visit a big city.There must be something in the sea air that calms.

Delighted to hear that your visit to Cornwall has been of benefit to you. You have to allow for the fact that I am Cornish and live in Cornwall so I could be a bit biased?!

Me too Pentreath - I am Cornish and have returned to live (and die) in my beloved Cornwall - wonder if we are near each other? No surprise our air is better as is everything ...... xx

This is my first post..... I have to say that the summer months are good here in Cornwall but we get a lot of rain and do conditions so not so good for long term living with c o p d.

A change of environment is allways good for your health!

Hi Marcel-wave - great name by-the-way :)

What a coincidence, I've just come home after a week in south Cornwall and wondered why I'd felt so much better, lighter and generally more in-tune with life. I think Pam1952's Reply is spot-on. We don't realise how stressed we are at home until we go away. We're able to leave a lot of our daily hassles and baggage behind us for a short while. I think the clean, clear air and the warm, sunny days were a huge bonus too. My husband and I spent most of them walking, which I wouldn't normally do when I was back at home and this gave me a sense of well-being. It was good to hear that someone else had experienced something similar. We've booked or return week already for next May :). What about you? Have a good day and stay well.

I've always believed that sea air is beneficial and always feel much better while by the sea.

Every time I spend on the ocean shore my copd symptoms ease! I think it is due to being at sea level, plus very little pollution, plus the negative ions. I feel so much better it is amazing.

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