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Persistent Cough, Clear Xray Clear Spitum. Did A Round of Antibiotics

I developed a cough a month ago after a full month of nonstop activities along with almost a full month of living on 3-8 hours of sleep. It was quite awful at first, as I could hardly sleep and the only way I could was by drinking antihistamines. My spitum was green. I had a round of antibiotics along with 3x daily nebulization of salbutamol. It did cease, but unfortunately I caught a cold on the last day of the antibiotics. The cold went away, but the cough still stayed. My spitum is clear, as well as my xray. No fever, just a persistent cough. If I enter a dusty room, it acts up. If I'm in front of an airconditioner (like if I'm in a car) it acts up. I just want it to go away. I'm not taking anything right now for it. What can I do about it and what is wrong with me ?

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Hi we can't possibly diagnose you over the net. You need to see your doctor.


Are you wheezing?

You do need to see your GP



Hi have you tried a cough medicine. I would ask at your chemist for the best thing to use. And see if that helps. I also have a permanent cough some days are worse than others. When I changed GPs recently one of my GPS said I have known you for 19 years and you have always had a cough. And when I registered at a new gp she said it must be in your makeup. Everyone is different. Hope you find something soon to help with your cough.

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