A poem I wrote several years ago "Box of Pages"

Here is one of my own poems from several years ago.

It used to run thru me like a rapid moving stream

Turning any nightmare into a dream

It was the turning of feelings into pages of words

But they never listened, they never heard

It was I in those pages, buried deep in that box

Some of it hidden, now some of it lost

The gift of writing is given to few, some understand, so never do

I used to write them all the time. Sometimes even giving them music. But after my life got hard they all started to get quite depressing so I stopped. I guess I should have written myself straight thru it all but I didn't.

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  • Lilac22407 Sounds good to me I say continue writing

  • Thank you

  • I'd say you have a gift with words. This is lovely. Sometimes the only time you can put pen to paper is during times of deep stress, so don't let it stop you now. I'd like to read more Lilac.


  • Thank you Jennifer.

  • What may seem depressing to you may not appear so to others. Please carry on writing xxx

  • Thank you - I will

  • You have a way with words and I think whatever you wrote about would be enjoyable wether it was sad or happy...just writing and being creative can lift your spirits! keep writing 😁💐 huff x

  • Thank you so much for your words of encouragement

  • Hi Lilac22407 that poem was lovely you should post some more don't have the gift of writing but love reading them.

  • Thank you and I bet you have a wonderful gift of your own.

  • Yes i have a passion a passion for helping people and their needs I help people that are sick or have a disability to help them to stay in there own homes as long as possible this passion was given to me by my parents love and caring nature lm so grateful for that.

  • That is an awesome gift. They are so blessed to have you.

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