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DNA profiling = DNA vaccines .. Not As Dramatic As Einstein E = Mc2 BUT Just As Enlightening

DNA profiling = DNA vaccines .. Not As Dramatic As Einstein E = Mc2 BUT Just As Enlightening

Lesson 2# MY DNA Genome Sequencing WHAT have I learnt this week.

DNA profiling is all about THE numbers ... funny how some in medical profession DISAGREE say maths have nothing to do with it BUT what I have discovered IS there is big waves being made to fight diseases and illnesses a cost affective way BUT till people do math it will be statistically impossible to archive.

DNA profiling = DNA vaccines.

Why do I say this WELL having few DNA errors myself predisposes me to certain diseases TO see what those diseases are you need statistics percentages % SO is that not doing the MATH.

In order TO make medicine diseases illness advances you need relatively heathy people O percentages and statistics again.

See where am going SO once you put all that under one roof YOU can look closer more accurately than ever befour at pathology of diseases illnesses with aim of producing a cure MY conclusion is nothing like Einstein E = Mc2 as I believe DNA profiling = DNA vaccines future cures.

How why I started thinking about such MAD stuff ... Well I am having some Igm antibodies injections DON't know if IGM but I know I might need 3 to hopefully cure my immunty issues AND that got me thinking about immunty inflamation dieases AND is that what I have.

ALSO are these immunty injections I am getting NEW DNA VACCINES to help fight of my infections or inflammation and my need for so many antibiotics.

Then I was thinking about How could I of avoided being here today given what we know about OUR DNA ... Well we would have to test everybody from birth OR befour we start work LIKE really that would happen then when we knew about what individual triggers given our DNA we could stay clear of such carsogenic STUFF impossible I know could even be tad of madness BUT reading threw urinals of text lol

There was a glimmer of hope for sick and dieased AND that was DNA profiling = DNA vaccines.

Hope you enjoyed my scratching thinkings a load :)

But what I will add and hope given RESEARCH with DNA Vaccines even tho in infancy is to be able to encode our immunity to causes desired bodily reaction function bit like a switch turn on off diseases and or inflammation inflammatory responses by creating a equal or opposite reaction.

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You do realise you're not saying anything new, right?

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Well yes is quite new AND where people would have previously died advances are being made ... So yes I think is something to be exited about Rhi100

I must say all be looking forward to reading few of your post


I tried reading it Daz, but it's way over my head. xx


Hi casper99 is all complicated but will fall into place am sure :)


That's really interesting.I always remember my consultant explaining that my sarcoidosis is genetic,but not hereditary and having to explain to family members the difference.Id love my genome mapped,not that I'd understand most of it lol.I m certain that one day treatment for our incurable diseases will be DNA treatments.I love your post ☺


Defo is complicated business for sure but i do belive advances are being made AND dna is the key to future cures.

Advances in diabetes ipf cancer and pandemics are all steming from DNA research but you always get sceptics but there welcome to stick to conventional medican thinking's


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