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Breathing difficulties\yawning

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Hello evryone.Hope you are all good.I have started to have a breathing problems about 1 year ago which was linked to anxiety but its getting worst and worst.i have always a feeling to yawn nearly evry minite especialy when im walking with feeling that i cant take physically breath in and im lacking oxygen.i went to see a doc and they link it to gad syndrome because my x ray showed no abnormalities and echo showed no heart problems but the doc who done echo on my heart asked if im smoking as my lungs was ballooned(dont know what does it means) maybe because of overbreathing and gp refered me to psych so im on medication for anxiety now(ssri and sometimes xanax).i thought that it might be an anxiety causing 24 hours breathing discomfort etc.recently i bought an oximeter and start checking my oxygen levels.during the day its normal 98.but the problems occur when i go to sleep.when im lying in bed and trying to relax or fall asleep i start to have a funky weird sensations in my chest .i always was thinking its an anxiety with adrenaline rush that wont let me sleep but when this feeling in chest starts my oxygen levels droping to 89-91 percents despite me being breathing in the same pattern and starting climbing back as the feeling subsides(usually 10-15 sec).so im worried a bit anxiety medication doesnt help my breathing only to calm me down.i allready have all kind of pain in my ribs and bones because of deep yawning during the day.i dont know what to do and im very desperate.i dont see the link between anxiety and oxygen drops when i have strange sensations in my chest.i have a slight to moderate burning in my chest after this sensations.i have no wheezings or strong coughs with phlegm just sometimes tickling cough.please share your opinions with me.thank you

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Here is my advice (from a fellow patient, not a doctor). When you get uncomfortable, try breathing in for a count of 4, hold for a count of 3, breathe out through pursed lips for a count of 6 or 8. It is important to exhale about twice as long as you inhale. There are many you tube videos about relaxing breathing as well. Once you have a handle on the anxiety component it will be much easier for your doctors to determine what the physical component might be. You needn't be afraid - it is all explainable and you have the tools to deal with it. It is normal for oxygen sats to be lower while sleeping - is this when yours fall?

All the best, Nancy

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Hey Nancy.thank you very much for your oxygen droping down when im trying to fall asleep particularly in that moment when i have this strange sensations in the chest and climbing back to normal when it subsidies because i Lift my hed up and watching the oxymeter(so staying awake).my wife checked my oxygen and breathing at night when im in deep o2 during sleep ranging from 92-96 and breathing pattern is normal.the problem is then im trying to fall asleep and this sensations in the chest with 02 drop.during the day im yawning evry 20-30 trying the breathing techniques.thank you very much.

Please go to your dr and get your b12 level checked.

I had the same as you, yawning all day and feeling as though i wasnt breathing deeply enough. There is a connection to low b12 and this lack of breath, it is called 'the sighs'. If its because you lack b12 it is easily fixable for most people with tablets or injections.

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Hey Lisahelen.thanks for your b12 level is normal.the problem that is not more like a yawn but a deep urge to breath through mouth to expand ribcage and get oxygen.and im doing it very frequently.but now what freaks me out is that when im going to sleep and trying to fall a sleep i start feeling a funky burning sensations in my chest with oxygen drop up to 10 percents(90%)in that moment despite me being awake and breathing in a same i dont understand what happening and cant sleep cause this feeling in the chest making me fully awake.and all night is the same tryibg to fall asleep and getting this feelings and oxygen drops......i dont understand how it can be anxiety related..coudnt find anything simmilar on the web.

I'm facing this problem since I was in school. Now I am 30 but I am intermittently facing this problem. I used get pain in left rib , feel tired, constantly yawn for deep breath. I have done many doctors.. yet no cause or permanent medicine found on it. It's affecting my official and personal life as I can not concentrate on my work.

If anyone of you get a rid from it then please share.

Hello deepikapawar, and welcome to the forum. This thread is a year old and therefore you might not receive any response.

I suggest you post a new message with your query which will then be seen by all our current members, who I am sure will offer support and advice.

To submit a new post click here - which will take you to the BLF home page where you will see a green box [write a post] on the top right of the page. Click on this and follow the instructions.

Best wishes, Annie

I have exactly the same problem I checked my hart and lungs it’s very strange! I did think it might be anxiety or stress related it got worsen last month and just like you don’t now what to do as I have no more time to go after doctors and hospitals.

I will follow in hope of any solution

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I’m 36

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