I was wondering i i should have alot of symptoms from this mild emphysema and what kind of symptoms and are they constant all day long and eveyyday//// i seem to have to to Take very deep breathes to get a satisfying breathe, also i have to clear my throat down near my adams apple all day long claer mucus seems stuck in my upper throat

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  • Hello... I think it's different for everyone. I'm early stage emphysema. I have a little bit of a cough with shortness of breath when I'm tired... Occasionally I might wheeze. I've also had mucous and throat clearing but haven't been bothered with it lately.

    When I was diagnosed I started working out and eating better...made a big difference. I'm off all dairy and that helped with throat clearing problem.


  • is shortness of breathe the same thing as when you have to take a breathe and yet you dont feel like your getting a good breathe ... my lungs fill up though

  • Yes Dennis - can't get enough air in. Sound advice from coughalot. Cut right down on butter,milk and cheese - it helps tremendously.

  • Dennis you have mild emphysema. You might have some shortage of breath and some extra mucus but that will be all. If you look after yourself old age will get you well before this does. unless you worry yourself into an early grave that is......

    As for the mucus try cutting down on dairy foods and drinking more water. this will thin it down and make it easier to cough up x

  • Good tips from Coughalot, Dennis. However, your symptoms will probably improve greatly if you can try and give up smoking. HU have a Quit site that may help you.

  • DENNISAMERICA with me it's shortness of breath phlegm but I also have copd and sarcadois so I really don't know

  • That sounds like me before I stopped smoking. It got better . I stopped smoking 8 years ago I think.

  • Hi Dennis I have emphasima I have tried so much stop smoking. I went 2 months and the difference in my breathing was so good. The smoking causes the mucus to build up. And hard to breath.

    I take mucus thining tablets which help.

    The number one is to stop smoking if you can.

  • Most people have heard of the "smokers cough". In reality, this almost iniquitous cough is the first stage of COPD.

    In retrospect, I didn't feel any specific signs until four years ago when, walking up a hill, found it difficult and I started wheezing. Two years later, I was diagnosed with COPD emphysema.

    So . . as others here have mentioned, your symptoms are just a warning at the moment.

  • Definitely IanRM ..............I never knew I was wheezing - it was a neighbour and my daughter who told me. We'd been to a forties weekend in Haworth and the roads were steep and I was struggling and couldn't understand why, but soon found out when I went to the doctors and had xrays, echocardiogram, spirometry etc "You have copd" so that was it - I just had to get on with it, but I am great now with Fostair and Salamol.

  • I stopped smoking almost 14 years ago but it took me 2 years to be happy about it. One day, after two years, I thought "boy am I glad I quit smoking!" It surprised me to be thinking that. I had always loved smoking and it gave me great relief from lots of anxieties. It made me more comfortable talking to people. It helped pass the time while waiting for the next event to happen in my daily life. It was something to do when supper was still 30 minutes away. It might even have replaced dessert after supper. I didn't nibble food during the day. I'm sure it helped me keep my weight down. I stopped because I thought my hubby had stopped two weeks earlier and "we can do this together!" In reality, he hadn't succeeded but continued to smoke on the sly. I had a CAT scan that year and was diagnosed with mild emphysema. I had another scan last spring and it hadn't progressed any. Sad news is my hubby, the love of my life, died of lung cancer 4 years ago. I couldn't keep him alive but I firmly believe I'm prolonging my own life. And I can emphatically say "boy am I glad I quit smoking!"

  • @GrannaOnTheFarm Sorry about your husband Congrats on quitting smoked 27. yrs of 48 smoke report free for2 it's hard

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