Just diagnosed with COPD

I am 57 and 2 weeks ago I was diagnosed with COPD I have fibromyalgia 15 years and I was shocked to hear I had the lungs of a 79 year old I go for an X-Ray on Thursday and I smoke today I've started on the e-cigarette and the doctor treated me like I had a cold gave me an inhaler Spiriva. That's all I know about COPD. I wake every morning with pains all around and in my lungs thank you all for your stories and I'm trying my best to stay well

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  • Celticsandy I smoked 27yrs im48i I have copd and sarcadois and emphysema pulmonary hypertension 24 hr oxygen spiriva advair Ventolin inhaler s 20mg Prednisone 5mg blood pressure meds Smoke my last cig on Oct 5 2014 now waiting on evaluation for a transplant Wish u luck on quitting Nicoret Gum really works with the will 2quit and my 9 yr old grandson!☺

  • Thank you your really young sorry to hear you are so unwell and awaiting a lung transplant I also have a grand-daughter aren't they great please keep contact best wishes

  • Celticsandy Thanks Yeah he is

  • Hi and welcome Celticsandy. I was diagnosed with copd at 56 and was told my lungs were the age of an 89 year old, you must be mild. Looking after yourself will enable you to go on for a long time yet and old age will probably get you first. thats what my doctor told me anyway.

    I learnt most of what I know about copd on here so stay with us. x

  • Thank you coughalot2 you made me feel a lot better

  • Good. Oh I am still mild 7 years on x

  • Great to read your reply and to talk about the everyday things like gardens etc. It's good to laugh and now a days I look for things to laugh at. I get frightened when I feel burning in my lungs mostly when I wake it's so new to me but I went back to college to fight it Love & Laughter

  • Good morning Celticsandy, and a warm welcome from me. You can only do yourself a good turn by giving up the cigarettes. Good luck with your xrays tomorrow. I was diagnosed a year or so ago with copd, and I am 76, smoked heavily for 50 years and gave up with Zyban capsules. I don't remember having the pains you mention but I was struggling to breathe and could not keep up with the other dog walkers without feeling as though something was squeezing my chest tighter and tighter.

    Best wishes

  • Thank you Jennifer had 3 roll cigarette today but woke feeling as I'm cutting down to go completely off by next week will get patches off doctor when results of X Ray are through. Loved your reply I have 2 big dogs and love them so much Ali & Rudy walked them yesterday!! Do you still have a dog XX

  • Hi Sandy i quit smoking four years ago after being diagnosed with severe copd i used e-cig not touched a real cig since it was my life saver

  • Welcome Celticsandy you will enjoy this site, the people on here are fabulous. For everything about COPD stone is your man. He is without doubt a walking encyclopaedia & helpful isn'isn't the word. I learn something from him every time he posts. Can you tell I am a fan?☺

    The best thing you can do for yourself as Jennifer says is to stop smoking, fully stop. Not one now & again but no more, ever. It is hard, all ex smokers know that but you can do it, really you can. I was a devoted, heavy smoker for 40 odd years & gave up with patches & fear. I bought the patches myself & stayed on extra strength for longer than the instructions recommended & just went down to a lower strength as & when I felt able. I suspect if you get them from the Dr they will expect you to comply with the recommended time frame, but I could be wrong. I honestly cannot remember how long it took me but I think it was about twice as long at least.

    Good luck with the x rays tomorow. Take care xx

  • It's coming up 7 years now since I quit with an e-cig - the results have been fantastic; my meds have been cut to the bone and I've only needed antibiotics 5 or 6 times over that period, I used to have almost as much in 1 year! I smoked for 60+ years and switched overnight and can say, hand on heart, have never smoked since or needed to. I find that even the thought of "lighting up" makes me feel sick now. I can enjoy all the pleasure of a lifetime's calming habit without any of the hazards (and guilt)!! Whatever it takes for you, please kick smoking into the long grass - it'll be the best thing you ever do for your health.

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