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Asbestos awareness presentation opportunity

If anyone in the Greater Manchester area would be interested in speaking at an asbestos awareness presentation, about their personal experience of living with an asbestos related condition, please contact Geoff Roberts

Geoff is a consultant in health and safety with a risk management company based in Stockport and will be presenting to a ventilation company, which is where the opportunity arises to help him out. It would be a great opportunity to talk about your experience, work history and raise awareness to people possibly working with asbestos,

Please contact Geoff, above ,for more information.



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My experiance is very simple councils can do what the like AND private firms can't SO where equality in business when it comes to managing asbestos in homes or work place.

Also lot of MPs councillors try throw deff en when asking why demolition firms when taking buldings down dont have permits to use rock crushers.

And what do H&S do nothing in short if local authority.

Then we have solicitors and doctors WHERE you have to have a 25 year history of working in high risk occupation AS the dontexcept broken occupations WELL according to IIDB DWP people THATs why england wales compensation scheme should be like Scotland.

As you can see its not very united kindom thats why never used uk

As to Asbestos ACM material and rock crushers AS we know its impossible to rid all asbestos durning demolition works.

But am still waiting for councils gov to resolve show me one permit.

Law and environment agency say am right SO all these MPs Councillors need to take note or whats point of having law if its only to show hypocrisy of said and done re asbestos

'Mobile Crushing Plant, Environmental Protection Act 1990.


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