Fond hospital memories

Fond hospital memories

I know being in hospital is a torrid time for most, if not all, of us. But sometimes, just sometimes, we find little fun or amusing ways to help get us through.

One time, I was in Queen Mary's Hospital in Sidcup, Kent. They had a hospital radio there, and every night a young fella would come round the wards asking if any of the patients had any requests. Now bear in mind, I was a young lad in my 20's, surrounded by elderly folk in their 60's/70's/80's.

Being particularly fed up one day, tired of hearing songs from the 1940's and 50's, and being the mischievous young tyke that I was in my 20's, when the lad came round that evening asking for requests, I asked him for one song. Just one:

Don't Fear the Reaper, by Blue Oyster Cult.

Off he went with a smile on his face, while I lay there sniggering a little! And to this day it never fails to make me smile when I think of that!

Anyone else have any fond memories of things they've done to try and brighten their hospital stays?

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  • Ha ha, that is SO funny I really did laugh out loud 😅😅 must say I like that song I have it on my iPod. Doesn't seem that long ago to me, you must only be in your late 30's very early 40s!!!

  • I turned 40 this year Penelope!

  • Yes me and someone els we use to have wheelchair raceing till they told my wife and his to stop us from doing it and after every one went in the night we us to put every thing to gether cake sandwichis and sweets and we us to pull up the chairs close the door and have food and watch tv till we see the screen test happy days then

  • We used to lie there moaning to our visitors for an hour each evening in the 8-bed orthopaedic ward. Then when they had gone, we'd all put on hospital radio and phone in our jokes and requests and have a party with the visitors' gifts. The radio presenters were so impressed they'd come down to see us after the show - lovely dishy young men about to be devoured by a gang of laid-up women tied by traction to our hospital beds.

  • Something not good ...when I was in with pneumonia, even hallucinating I insisted on going for showers - there were three and I flooded all three shower rooms out and corridor because I thought I was watering the garden from each shower. The ward was in an uproar, laughing and coughing from those who could.

  • Awwww no, that's terrible Jennifer, I'm sorry.

  • It was fun afterwards..............I was not popular with the staff, in fact they were glad when I went home. I heard one nurse say "Doesn't she ever shut up".............:-D

  • lol I bet the nurses all loved you really!!! :D

  • No.

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