Day of errands

Whew. Been a tiring day today.

Last night, me and Lucy counted up all the loose change in our loose change jar (which is actually a ceramic TARDIS cookie jar lol) and this morning, I had to pop out to the bank to get some of those clear money bags for it all, stopping off in McDonalds to treat myself to some breakfast, as I was out.

Whilst I got the bus into town, I walked home to ensure I got my daily lung exercise (playing Pokemon GO as I went!). Once home, I bagged up all the coins, sat down for a cup of tea. Dealt with a contractor who came round to give us a quote for some work we want doing. Made Lucy's lunch. Hoovered round the downstairs. Then went out again to pay all those coins into the bank.

When I got to the bank however, it dawned on me we didn't need to spend all that time counting them up and bagging them. Our branch of Natwest has gone all self service. No cashier to hand the bags over to, who would weigh them up etc, the old fashioned way. Nope. Just a box type thing with a computer monitor attached to it, where you just tip all the coins in and it counts them for you. D'oh!

Went to M&S afterwards to get some dinner for tonight, and came home, puffing and panting. Purple face and all. Shattered. Been a good day though. Not often I get into town twice in one day!

Just going to rest up now as I need to be out again early tomorrow. Take care all, and breathe easy!

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Well Symes, you've certainly made the most of your day! 😂

I think you deserve a rest, feet up with a cuppa! Hope Lucy is well & you too! 🌷

Thanks Jesse, I've certainly run myself ragged today lol. We're fine thanks :D

You have been a busy lad Symes but do take things easy now. I save up the copper and then go to a supermarket and tip it into a coin machine. We get a voucher off the shopping which is fine by me.

Hope you have a good day tomorrow too. Take care xxxx

That was a good day, then. You can put your feet up and know you deserve a rest. Wish I'd done half as much!!

Sue x

It's been one of those days Sassy, but I don't intend doing much at all now for the rest of the day! Neither me or Lucy drive, so we tend to do our large shopping online. There's a Tescos up the road from us but it doesn't have one of those machines so the bank is the only place to take them really.

Tomorrow I have to pop to the council offices and sign some paperwork. We've been approved for direct payments by the local Carers Centre to help with stuff for Lucy's dad, so I just need to dot the t's and cross the i's ;) don't intend being out long.

Thanks, you too :) xx

As I read I was thinking why'd you not use the m/c? Then you did!

We use an old Roses sweetie jar with a slot cut into the lid. Over 100 quid when full, about a year or so to fill it.

I didn't realise they had that machine in the bank at first, but we know for the future!

Good morning Symes,

You live and learn, live and learn....................I was thinking you could have put it through the machine. Never mind -the counting exercise was good for the brain. I never knew it could be done at most Banks either. It's a nice story anyway and you fed well off it:-)

Since my Grandson was born 20 years ago I've always put my small change in a box and he loved counting it out when he came to stay with us. I still do it now..... "Joe's Box".

Have a good day today.

Morning Jennifer. Live and learn. You certainly do! Thanks. You have a good day too :) x

Wow. What a busy day you've had. I did the same thing with £2 coins I'd been saving for a while. Counted them into bags and carried them into my branch of the Nat West only to be shown their new coin counting machine!

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