Ready for next year, bit by bit. ( garden)

Four days ago I sowed six different types of sweetpea, about twenty seeds of each.They like a long root run, so I buy plastic pint glasses, twelve for a pound.......knock a drainage hole in the bottom.

Noticed this morning I have three sprouting already, so looking good.

Also got thirty Sweet William plug plants, these will put on a good show with scent come spring.

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  • Well done stree. I love sweet peas and sweet Williams. Xxxxxx

  • I still try to sow and grow each year, it is getting harder though........But it is a therapy..........

    Apart from sweetpeas which I always sow, I sow dwarf tomatoes, 1 or 2 full size toms, courgettes and maybe some sort of bean. But fresh bunches of sweetpeas every couple of days is how we like it!.

    I have a go with various flower seeds, nicotiana, lobelia, dwarf amaranthus, strawflowers every year too, aubretia, zinnias, cosmos, Livingstone daisy,.... whatever takes my fancy really....I made myself a good sized heated propagator so can get some early sowing done.

    On top of that at least five hanging baskets, about a dozen pots and containers of generous size and 4 cater for every year

  • I am very impressed stree and you put me to shame. I am a lazy gardener but try and keep it all looking nice.

    Take care and enjoy your garden as much as you can. Xxxxx

  • I really love scented sweetpeas! A bunch on the kitchen table brings me such joy....perhaps I'm too easily pleased....but my husband finds them annoyingly untidy in the garden. Any tips?

  • 2 3x3 posts concreted in 6 or so feet apart and at least 6 feet high, drill through each all the way through the sides about 12 " apart from bottom to top, thread string or wire through each pair and pull tight and fasten..... Tie bamboo poles about 12 " apart, fasten to the strings/wires, , no need for bamboo to go in the soil, grow sweetpeas up these, cut of side shoots until top reached, then trim top and let side branches grow.......

  • Thank you.

  • I used to grow sweet peas on my allotment...I am so annoyed that I can't do it now, but I tried some in containers at home....they needed a lot of water and feeding just for a few blooms.

    I have been planting bulbs for next spring...they give me something to look forward to after the winter.

    You are right gardening is good therapy, even if it's a few pot plants. I am going to try growing Living Stones after seeing them on Gardeners World .

    Mm is an enthusiastic gardener even if Jet tries to dig up his efforts.

  • Try dwarf sweetpeas such as "knee-high" much more tolerant of being in a container.

  • Thanks stree, I will look out for the seeds

  • That's so good to read Stree, I wonder can any seeds grow this time of year or do some need more hours of daylight? Your garden is going to look wonderful!😀 🌸🌹🍁 huff xxx

  • Some seeds more than others are daylight length dependent, plants have a season clock to ensure they germinate, bloom and set seed at the best time for their own propagation........

    Sweetpeas are fairly easy going as to when they are sown and germinate, they are often thought of as delicate plants whereas actually they are tough. I have planted seedlings outside in February and they will take all but the hardest frost.

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