Lung Disease .. plug and play philosophy

Lung Disease .. plug and play philosophy

Bits and Bobs nothing specific BUT just same OLD disease.

But today am talking about microcytic red blood cells & drinking beer :p

O and bruising easy.

Recently i went for a quality beer loaded in that good stuff iron BUT what i did't know or did i.

That small red blood cells could be result of iron defiancy and to be fair my blood cells looked pretty small under microscope 'pin heads' so i thought.

QUICK fix was needed as could not cure my lung's of lack of oxygen as THAT to can cause small red blood cells.

So can smoking BUT shush will pretend i dont smoke..

Anyway given am always on antibiotics threw infections I never knew drinking BEER could make you so ill BUT apparently IRON suplamantion CAN and DOSE feed viruses and bacteria.


Could that be why i was so ill after drinking beer GIVEN my small red blood cells .

I would been better of saving my money and licking a nail.

As to bruising i never knew all those things in picture could cause you to bruise so easy.

I guess thats coz of my Lung Disease plug and play philosophy and never reading medicine packaging.

Sure its nothing to do with contraception as am a guy

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