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Acidophilus and antibiotics

Does anyone take Acidophilus and do you increase the dose when you're on antibiotics? I take the 3 billion dose but the instructions say to take one or two a day. I normally take just one tablet but thought I might double my daily dose to two so went into Holland & Barrett to ask about this. He said the 3 billion dose is pretty high anyway and he didn't think I needed to increase it. Any opinions?

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Here is good read

When I was using probiotic pills I only took 3 pills in a week I was worried about bactrirea good bad overgrowth with me being immunocompromised and taking antibiotcs.


O I forgot to mention most if not all probiotics are tested on fit healthy people SOMETHING lots on here are not so it is always worth remembering espcily if you have immunity issues


Well I tried to persevere with the 'good read'! It's terribly technical but one thing stood out for me - probiotic sepsis. That was scary and helped me decide to stay on the dose which my gut is used to. I feel safer that way. Thank you for your efforts though. This is a brilliant place for info.


Hi Claudine,

We know that our antibiotics kill off the 'good' bacteria in our guts which is why it can be a good idea to take acidophilus in some form. However, there is a risk that this can stop antibiotics from working properly. It would probably be a good idea to take the acidophilus two hours before or after taking the abs or stopping it altogether for that period. When the abs have done their job you can set about restoring the balance in your gut again. What a balancing act!

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I have just started my prophylactic Azithromycin for the winter months - to be taken 3x a week. I usually take the Acidophilus at breakfast time and have been taking the abs at lunchtime so far. I think, in the circumstances, I will just carry on as I have been doing. It's rather a minefield! Certainly don't want to overdose on the stuff by the sounds of it! Thanks.


sounds like a good plan Claudine. It's not easy is it


I just feel my gut is used to the one tablet so I'm happy to stay with that. Out for lunch now while it's still dry. That's my idea of Sunday lunch - someone else cooking! Have a nice day.


I only just read about not taking the Azi & pro biotics close together. But I too take one tablet a day of a strong pro biotic I also have a Greek yogurt every day at lunch time. I LOVE that :):). I do think it's good for us especially with the ENORMOUS amounts of antibiotics I have taken over my lifetime, and of course like to both the antibiotics are getting stronger & stronger over the years.

Hope you are all well

Love Sohara x


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