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I have just changed my medication from Symbicort to Fostair having just had my yearly spirometry done and being very disappointed with the results my therapist asked If I would like to try Fostair as they were getting good results with it, it has been a week now I have used the new inhaler and I am finding my breathing to be much easier and I am lasting longer between doses while I am still of course out of breath I do feel it is an improvement I have been on Sybicort for about 10 years and felt it was my life line but lately just wasn't giving me enough. I have just googled Fostair and bounced around abit on other sites and came across the asthma site on health unlocked and find it is prescribed for asthma also and reading further reports there were a lot of bad reviews for Fostair side affects not great for some patients and we are all different I always say don't knock it till you have tried it, what works for one doesn't necessarily work for another have to say it works for me so far I know it's early days just one week so far but fingers crossed ( seem to do a lot of that these days ) the other gripe was some patients felt they were being forced to use a cheaper alternative. I just wondered what my COPD friends thought on the matter as I have come to trust you all and think you make a lot of sense I have certainly learnt a lot since I joined. Any one else on Fostair . 😚

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  • Have been on Fostair for over twelve months I like it. I am also allowed extra doses if needed to use as a reliever.

  • Good morning,

    Yes, been on Fostair for over a year. It's given me a new lease of life. Once I take it, unless the air is bad, I never think about my breathing and only take Salamol before I intend doing some physical work. Can't praise it enough whether it is cheap or not I don't know, but by golly it works for me.

    Good wishes.

  • Hi Ef0lumps4 I am pleased that your medication has worked out well for you. I hope it continues to do so.

    Your post highlights the need that if a particular medication isn't working properly for yourself, talk to your GP, Consultant, Therapist etc and try something else. Don't suffer in silence.

    The cost of medication shouldn't come into what you are prescribed but unfortunately I'm sure from reading lots of post from members on here that it does.

    Our Medical Centre is always looking for ways of saving money and have been known to ring up to see if you still require everything on your repeat prescription.

    Regards. John

  • Yes I agree my therapist did say I could phone her if I wasn't happy so didn't feel forced in any way. The pharmacy sent out notes attached to our prescriptions if we had an extra supply of any medication that was on repeat we could halt it for a couple of months or longer then reinstate it which I thought was a brilliant idea as I had a glut of salamol which I don't use every day just occasionally. The NHS we know is suffering every bit helps.

  • Hi

    Although originally licences for Asthma, Fostair was further licensed for COPD in 2014, I changed from Seretide to Fostair NEXThaler much improved.

  • Yes I did wonder about the asthma connection and why it was offered to me I use it with an AeroChamber not sure if it's the same as NEXThaler it's Fostair200/6

    Thanks for your reply.

  • I have been on Fostair since May and it has given me a new lease of life hardly need to take salbutemol reliever at all. I have noticed a big difference especially when the weather is muggy and clammy. In the past I used to find my breathing quite bad but lately been good.

  • Thanks all for your replies was a little unsure trying something new but there is no doubt that I am feeling better on Fostair breathing just appears to be a little easier. It has given me a boost And given me the motivation to do some extra exercise I really needed that after getting a disappointing result on my spirometry. Thanks for the reassurances 😊

  • If it works for you then that's good ,we are all different and our needs are changeable ,,,,I've never been prescribed Fostair so I really can't comment on it ,,,,,however ,,I see my consultant on 27th and I know my fev levels have dropped ,,,as I've had other illnesses to cope with so I've not been able to exercise ,,,he was talking about trying me on Montelukast? ,,,,anyone know about this tablet ? ,I hope all goes well for you on your new medication ,

  • How marvellous that you have found something so effective for you, I bet you feel as if you have been given a new lease of life. There seem to be a lot of people in favour of it & as my inhalers are nothing to get excited about I will mention this at my next review. Thank you for posting, I appreciate it. Penny x

  • My Seretide was replaced by Duoresp Spiromax which I took back to the doc with copies of complaints from other users - it made my chest far worse, had to sleep vertical! He gave me Fostair and I have found it brilliant and far more versatile than Seretide; agree with the comment that we are all so different, what suits me may not do it for you so it pays to try alternatives until you hit on the right one.

  • So this is typical of me - Fostair is not proving that helpful so far. I've only been using it 3 weeks now and with the humid weather we had and now its all change to cooler,damp air I'm not sure that I'm seeing any improvement. I'll give it another week or so before I tell my Doctor. Anyways, to Jennifer S, Stone,Efolumps,PenelopeS, Dragonmum, Nanny1086,Nan157,PastMeBest,and Clematis 5932 I'm so glad you are all doing well and long may it continue.

  • It is much cheaper than Seretide and slightly less expensive than Symbicort and seems to work well for most people and the only slight downside is that the drug needs to be kept in a fridge prior to first use, but once started can be treated as normal. Being a relatively new drug there are as yet no long term problems noted, but being a dual action drug containing a corticosteroid it is likely to have similar long term problems as other dual inhalers, with known steroid long term complications. For now it has become the treatment of choice for lots of Asthma/COPD patients.

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