Want to say hi to all those who still able to communicate on here and say thank you for all your support as my hubby got ill and died 2 year and 3month ago. I really hope your ok and if not are receiving good care and support. I am sorry for lack of communication from me, just got given new laptop,,,,,,life been really difficult for my children and l. Health issues and financial issues for all. Just wanted to say how amazing you were with me.

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Bless you and your dear children rockett. Sorry for your very sad loss. So difficult for you all.

Thinking of you. Xxxx

Sassy how are you?? It been such a long time since l been able to communicate. I am only 53 but feel old, limitations in my own health and struggles with my children and trying to support them in life hardships. Bless you and hope to hear from you.xxx

I am well thanks rocket and Pete is doing ok at the moment too. His back op seems to be working.

You take care and stay in touch. Xxxxxxx

So sorry to read about your husband and your loss.

Agree with sassy at least your at right place for help support as am sure you know.

I am so sorry to hear this news.

Good morning rockett,

Life for you and your children without your husband is horrendous, for it must go on, and your grieving has to be shared with the every day life of caring for them on your own. You must miss him dreadfully. I do hope you have good support from your family. Now you have a lifeline with your computer and I am sure it will help a little. Everyone on here is so caring.

I wish you well.


Hi rockett,I remember you well! Sorry to hear life hasn't been to good for you since the death of hubby,which was very sad for you.

How lovely,you have been given a new laptop,no stopping you now!

Take care,& remember to pop in,there is always someone around,Wen xxx

Hi Wendells unsure your receive this message but been told lm locked into fibro at moment. Sending love to you, How are you? I have got more unwell and in a lot of pain. So much so lve moved to a ground floor flat, still got little garden to potter in. Sad though as only 53 and impatient with my limitations. xxx

Hi rockett,so sorry that you are so unwell,& at such a young age too,do hope you get some respite from your pain,I can hear your frustration at being limited in what you do.I feel that most days!! But,the main thing is we're still here,it could be worse!!

I'm so glad you have a downstairs flat now,& wonderful you have a little garden to give you pleasure still.

You said you're locked into fibro,but you can still come on this health unlocked.If you look at the top of the page,it has a heading of 'your communities' you can join as many as what might interest you!

Do take care,& keep popping in,hugs Wen xxx

Good morning Rockett, sorry to hear life is not going well for you and the children, it is hard when you lose your husband and the childrens father, the greif is twice as hard. It is wonderful of you to take the time to let us know. As a widow myself I appreciate the difficfulties you are facing. Sadly there is no magic wand to heal the hurt, but with time it becomes easier to face each day without someone to confide in, it is twelve years since I lost my husband but I still hate returning to the empty home. Now you have a new laptop you can turn to us for support, hope to hear from you again soon., take care and keep in touch xx Enjoy your day

Hi Katie good to return, it does become easier l know but the down times are so intense. So much going on with my children and my own health. Take care xx

Hi all itt seems an age since l been on but now got handrail for bath and a bath board so l can shower easy. still waiting for urgent neurology apt, 5 weeks so far.... Well l thought at least lm still standing and got a lot to be thankful for. Spoke to soon 4 week ago police knocked and my youngest son , had died. Yesterday was his funeral. Bang goes my health again. So thank God for great friendships around me.

Very sorry for your loss I know how hard life can be.

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