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Hi I am new here. I have severe emphysema and have been prescribed and tried several inhalers, Salomol, Spiriva, Symbicort, Fostair, Spiolto Respimat, none have had any beneficial effect. now have tried Atrovent witch has had adverse effect extremely short of breath and excessive coughing. does anyone else find Inhalers ineffective ? or counter productive ?.

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Hi, and welcome. I have emphysema and have Spiriva and Salbutamol and they seem to do the trick for me. I'm sure that someone will have some sound advice for you. Take care. 😊

I have ventolin,Spireva,and seratide ,I've taken the same inhalers for years with no side effects ,I have asthma ,Bronchiectis,COPD,

I have asthma / COPD and some bronchodilators can make my chest tighter, and one caused bronchospasm.

I have severe COPD and was recently prescribed air salb. Spiriva and Sirdupla. Can't see any difference yet.


Hi, I too have severe emphysema and severe breathlessness jnspite of current Fostair, Seebri Breezehaler and Salbutamol. I have had Spiriva, Serevent and Ipravent in the past. The Ipravent in particular made my breathing much worse and after a week using it I felt quite ill.

It seems to be trial and error sometimes, what suits one won't suit another, though I think some of us don't respond as expected to medication at all. Certainly nothing is keeping my emphysema under control.

It's very weary some. I hope you find some medication that does help you.

I am like knitter, I found a couple caused bronchospasm. One, Serevent I had been on before to no ill effect but second time around, dreadful. I have severe COPD & I can't honestly say any of them are brilliant but having been on Salamol only for a couple of weeks I can also say they are better than nothing. You need a LAMA/LABA combination if you are not using a steroid inhaler. As they have found steroid inhalers can increase the risk of pneumonia they try to take you off them if they can. This is what they did with me. I am now on Spiriva, once daily & Atimos, twice daily, along with Salamol. I could not survive without the latter!

Dear Lessbr, welcome to the site. I can't help about the different inhalers as I have only ever tried 3 in total. But I did wonder, how confident are you with using your inhalers? I know a few people who used them incorrectly, myself included for a time.

When I first joined this site I had been using inhalers the way the nice but dim respiratory nurse showed me. Then I went to a BLF Breathe Easy meeting in Hanley and discovered from the clued up Respiratory Nurse there that I had been using my inhalers incorrectly. Following that, I got a whistling spacer to make sure I breathe in more slowly when taking an inhaler, and now hold the breath in for longer; and wait at least 30 seconds before taking the second puff as the nozzle freezes up with the propellant and needs 30 seconds to clear. That's all helped my inhalers work a lot more effectively.

I am surprised that some people are still being prescribed Seretide. It has been found to cause pneumonia in COPD patients and now is recommended only for asthma. In Scotland it is no longer allowed to be prescribed for COPD.

If that is fact could you provide a link please

I have had a horrendous first 7 months of this year with pneumonia, ACOS, and then became oral steroid dependant which has led to steroid induce diabetes! Pfft!!!!

Saw the consultant in May and he immediately switched me from Seretide and Spiriva, which I had used for 10 years to new inhalers.

Now on Incruse and Relvar which seem to suit and I am now blessed to back to almost the level of health I enjoyed before this protracted period of an exacerbation.

Wishing you good health.


In the four years I was on Seretide my Fev dropped from 53 to 35 which the consultant said was due to the many infections I had had. Since the start of this year I have barely managed a couple of weeks between them. The consultant said the profession was very surprised about the latest research on Seretide but changed me to Revlar and Incruse. It is now 8 weeks since an infection, fingers firmly crossed here, not counting chickens or anything but maybe it's not a coincidence. I am as cynical as the next person but I don't think this change in prescribing has anything to do with cost. I will look for page in question for notoobad.

I don't know how to add a link but if you google Seretide Scotland the guidelines will appear.

LessBreathLessBreathI I'm on Adviar Sports and Ventolin inhalers Ihave copd emphysema an sarcadois they help

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