Lung research- participants wanted - ex/current smokers

Hello there,

The research department at The BLF have kindly given me permission to post this message asking for participants to complete a short online questionnaire which is part of my Nursing Masters research project.

Anyone who is an ex-smoker or current smoker can take part.

The online questionnaire is looking at smoking behavior in people with lung illnesses.

I would be very grateful if anyone has a few mins (10 mins max) to participate by simply clicking on the links below. It's completely anonymous.

Thank you for your time,


Please click on the link below for further information followed by the questionnaire.

(Please note- if you Vape or use e-cigarettes then please answer the 'current smokers' questionnaire.


Ex-smokers please click here:

Current smokers (including Vape) please click here:

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Done - good luck with the course!

Very happy with myself normally mess them up but yeah I completed your questionnaire good luck Alexandra.


Is tricky one but as I love being extra CAN I ask DO you know why if I stoped smoking given my leval of lung dieaees WHy I would be on or needing oxygen YET as smoker I don't .

That's how perverse lung disease can be "can't do right for doing wrong" CATCH 22

I know it's down to CO2 but why if you lined up two people ONE a smoker and other none smoker there lungs on appearance WOULD be worse.

So how DO you fix that quandary

Alexandra is not here to answer medical questions, just to gather information from smokers.

True but like the say thats whats great about fourms like these.

If we never asked questions we would never receive answers.

But as a smokers sure i have no hang up SO dont mind talking publicly esp as to reason why i still smoke.

Hi Jeff,

As I'm sure you know, lung disease affects people very differently, some smokers are lucky and get away with minimal lung damage whilst others suffer from severe lung disease. Unfortunately lung diseases can continue to deteriorate even after stopping smoking which may explain why you now need oxygen but didn't as a smoker.

It also depends upon what other medical conditions each person has. Therefore it's best to assess and treat patients on an individual level.

I hope this helps.

Best wishes


I find asking questions shareing experiance great way of expanding research.

I never started smoking till mid 20 and often wonderd if it was because i never starred till later in life smoking why am here today.

But i started smoking FOR two reason if am fair One was becouse i seen lots of none smokers droping dead of cancer and other was liked smell on gf breath.

Cheers and thanks for reply

You will only find out the answer to that if you stop. You may not need oxygen. Not everyone who stops need oxygen I stopped 2 years ago and don't need oxygen. I remember when I was first dx with COPD in 2006 the consultant said why stop the damage has all ready been done. And when I was admitted to hospital 3year ago the consultant went on and on at me about stopping.

Hi Nottobad i wish i could stop BUT my main issues is my lung doctor as said i wil not survive pneumonia again maily coz of gunk on chest causes and its only 1/4 of my lung working at bottom.

I have tried twice to give up ONCE and that caused me to drown in gunk when lungs tried cleaning them self OTHER was efag that caised nasty infection.

Guess the is elimeant of fear of unknown that stops me from trying again esp given how damaged lungs are.

Done, and the very best of luck. Struggled a little with some of the questions as there is no allowance made for childhood illnesses, eg I was only six months old when I had pneumonia and had other things like whooping cough etc. Best wishes. 😊

Many thanks for participating Pam.

Thanks for the feedback about the questionnaire. We are focusing on the lung illnesses you had as a smoker or since quitting rather than as a child but this is something for us to consider when we interpret the results. Thank you

'Snap' about the childhood illnesses.

Hi. I would happily participate. I use a nicorette inhaler (sparingly but every day). My question is which link to press? Xpiggix

Hi piggi, thanks for volunteering. If you only use this inhaler and do not smoke anything else then please use the ex-smoker questionnaire.

Thank you



The survey didn't actually ask if you got ill after giving up smoking,my IPF was diagnosed after ceasing smoking.

Thanks Sooki. The focus of the questionnaire is to see if people quit when they are diagnosed lung disease. We will compare the answers of people who did and did not have a diagnosis of a lung disease at the time of quitting so your response is very much appreciated.

Thank you,


Completed. Good luck with the research.

Please note, my giving up smoking was not a consequence of a lung condition diagnosis, and there was no space to record my present lung diagnosis, so my questionnaire looks as if I should not have taken part. Hope it's not voided.

Hi Ergendl,

Thank you for completing the questionnaire. We need participants who did and did not quit due to lung disease therefore your answer is very valuable.

Thank you,



Thank you very much


Done ... Hope it is of some use to you.

Thank you very much


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