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Do your O2 levels fluctuate?

My fathers O2 levels even when up and moving are normally in the mid 90's. The last 2 days they have been fluctuating from the mid 90's to the upper 80's. This is the 1st time his O2 level has ever dropped below 90. Also, he has been very tired and weak the past few days. So my question would be do levels fluctuate like this? Could it be possible that he may be getting walking pneumonia?

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Hi David2334,

It sounds like he might be developing a infection, is his sputum discloured a sort of greenery/yellowy tinge. Quite often oxygen stats can fluctuate especially if your lungs are stuffed with infection and that could account for him being tired and weak. My resting O2 levels at the moment are about 90/91, at the beginning of the year my resting level was 93/94, it sometimes happens, I was advised that if my levels drop below 88 to have a rest until they have risen if they don't rise I have oxygen to help bring my levels up, I know other posters may have been given different minimum levels to work to.

Best bet get an appointment at the doctors to get his chest looked at.


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G'day Davis

You do not mention if your father is on o2, or what ailment he has, COPD...IPF..???. I assume by your post that you have an oximeter for gauging his sats. Do you have a thermometer, this should give you an indication as to whether he has a high temp.

I would be taking him to his Dr for a check up as the problem could be an infection of the airways or the lungs.

Will (Australia)


As Burraboy said Davis you didn't say whether your Father has an obstructive or restrictive lung disease? mine is restrictive and oxygen levels can fluctuate from 80-93% dropping under exertion, it's the norm for me, but when they drop they recover with rest. Obviously if oxygen levels are low he will feel fatigued as his bodies organs will be working twice as fast as normal to try and lift low oxygen levels. The important thing is that if you have any concerns seek medical advice asap.



I'm sorry I should have also said that he has COPD/Emphysema. He currently has a lung function of 47%. He just quit smoking this wk so he has been thinking that the tiredness weakness and dizziness was from nicotine withdraw. He does have discolored mucus and drainage down the back of his throat. I'm going to have to try to get him to go to the Dr. he doesn't need an infection

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