Cognitive Impairment TEST Respected By DOCTORs

Cognitive Impairment TEST Respected By DOCTORs

Worried about partners loved ones memory cognitive ability.

This is a simple test anyone can do to check the memory cognitive function.

ITs called the alzheimer's clock test.

Is quite simple you draw a clock and get partner loved one your worried about to copy draw clock face you have just drawn.

If this cognitive disfunction you will see something is quite not right.

If your still concerned TAKE drawing with partner loved one concerned about to GP or DOCTORs for further testing.

Don't suffer in silence or leave it to late

Video is from suffer that can remmber all lyrics songs but cant remmber what day it is AMAZING is puka sprit.

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  • Thanks for that JAS. Seems like a good test. Xxx

  • Yeah, thanks Jeff. Will try this on my father-in-law. We've been worried about his memory for what seems like an age now, but the Doctors we've seen just attributed his memory issues to low mood.

    We're sure it's more than that though, so I'll give this a shot.

  • Hi Symes Hope it works out for you or at least gets things moving in right direction.

  • JeffAjaxSmith

    Hi Jeff the clock test is used as part of a series of tests to determine cognitive, and where the clock is concerned, spatial awareness. It tends to show that people with a specific type of dementia , usually Alzheimer's , will draw the clock numbers in one half of the clock, as that's the only part their brain can see.


  • Hi jimmy1c defo agree but is good srarting point ALSO guess things could be complicated if have eye vision problem think that's why it's good idea to have any noticeable deficits checked out.

  • Hi. Just like to say I did this test and missed out the 12 and couldn't see what I had done wrong 😁 And the repeating back an address 6 times and only got to 4. I had tests and brain scan and they found nothing 👍 Doc said it was caused by stress and anxiety and I have fibromyalgia, arthritis ,type 2 and asthma. I always read your posts and look things up that you mention 😊

  • You might have eye trouble to explain missing bits IS easy done and it's not like gp are really interested unless forced to be.

    But glad you read my post find them interesting O thanks for comment

  • You could be right there I've just had cateract done 🤔

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