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A nights sleep!!

Hi just new to this , I have a ,very dry cough for 3-4 weeks now,cough and cough until I am usually sick or completely loose my breath.I am now on 2 antibiotics to be taken concurrently plus my inhalers and paracetamol and antihistamine.

I dread tablet time as i have to break them all up find it difficult to swallow them but its the nights that I dread, what i would give for a complete nights sleep I have 4 pillows in the bed propped up all night, sometimes I try sleeping downstairs onn the recliner but cant recline as that makes it worse.

Any advice

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You can get a tablet cutter my husband go one the other day it was £2. You have my sympathy with the not being able to lie down, we actually elevated the mattress, because having so many pillows can be uncomfortable. Its so annoying.

Kim xx


I try and lay on my stomach when I've got a really bad cough once I've cleared as much as I can I fall asleep .I do know not everyone can sleep like that. Hope it helps


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I use an adjustable bed when the cough gets bad. Have you told your Dr swallowing is difficult? Mine is very good & when I remind him of the problem, where he can, he always prescibes capsules which are easier to swallow. I hope you feel better soon.x


I know you have all the underlying crap that we all do when trying to sleep but there is a little trick to try if it is mainly the cough that is bothering you. I have used this when I have had a chest infection and sleeping lying down is impossible even if propped up with my wedge pillow and two other pillows.

It's very simple - rub Vicks vapour rub on the soles of your feet and put cotton socks on just before you go to sleep. Works for me and leaves you with lovely soft feet as a bonus!!!!!

Good luck with it.


I have always had a problem swallowing tablets or capsules (not for any particular reason). Some years ago a doctor suggested I use a spoonful of jam, so I put tab/caps on top of the jam, it really does work and they just slide down the throat! Water just makes capsules or tablets cling to throat! Perhaps this might help!

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