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Carer for Mum with IPF

Hello All, I do hope you or your loved ones are okay in this blasted muggy weather... Ive been a carer for my mum aged 77 whos had IPF now for a few years (we three years into it) and now taking a more daily role helping her and my Dad each weekday. I work as a freelance photographer and have a five year old so lucky I can work around it... Just wanted to say hello and introduce myself. Ive been part of the PF group on FB for a while and have been lucky enough to meet a few PF/IPF patients and even attend the Royal Medical Society conference on IPF earlier in the year. xx

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Hi, F8andbethere, your mum is lucky to have your support. i'm sure you are aware its IPF Week from 17 September to 25 September, please do share your story with your local media to help people to find out what IPF is. We have found that so few people know what it is.

All the best to you and your family.



Welcome F8andbethere nice to meet you. It's good that you can help your mum as living with IPF is not great but neither is seeing a loved one with such a horrible disease.

Thinking of you all. Xxxxx


Hi Louise , my BLF newsletter came today....they are planning to spend £300,000 This year on IPF research, and also helped set up 14 support groups.

It also mentions the BLF Bigbreakfast fund raising event


Thanks guys! Yes I've seen the newsletter and have applied for a pack. I had an article in my paper last year when I did a charity Photoshoot... So yes will mention it again. Hope you're all well xx


Are any of you lovely ladies in Scotland? We have been asked by STV for a case study to film today or tomorrow.


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