Hopeful Resolution - Supplementary Oxygen Supply System Unfit For Purpose (Ambulatory Oxygen)

Hi thought would let you all know had a result.

Respiratory Nurse been this morning and Home Oxygen Ombudsman who was sent a copy if e-mail they are Oxygen Ombudsman for NHS East Lancs has told them too order me the New Ambulatory Oxygen System that is being rolled out down South! Its an All in One System everything built in to top if tank same size Ambulatory Oxygen 400 Tanks. Just dial in your required oxygen requirement job done. Hooray one for the little Guys/Gals!

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  • Great result....Well done ✌


  • Hi Velvet55,

    It should never have got too that stage we (as in disabled people with physical/respiratory problems etc) Are still having to "Make Do and Mend" What on earth was the enactment in to Law The Disabled Discrimination Act 2010 and further amendments, e.g. some premises Assume that in my case, am Wheelchair Bound, that having removable ramps, meets the Rights Of Access, They Don't blah blah grr

    Still a hopefully good outcome!

    Thanks for your support

  • Well done, & keep chasing

  • Hi Patriciapotts,

    Thanks I don't actively chase as such, no longer serve with Greater Manchester Police, but if I am out and encounter a commercial or public premises/area I ensure they are made aware regarding their failings regarding Right's of Disabled Access! I had thought of initially "Naming and Shaming" but realise it is a mine disregarding rights too privacy, civil, human rights, but seem too totally Not on Disregard The Act and disabled people!

    Thanks for your message/support

  • Good one 😉✌️

  • Hi Wendell thanks for your support.

  • That's great, very happy for you.

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