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Hi everyone , diagnosed earlier this year with mild bronichiectasis, never smoked, quite healthy and fit person U til three years ago where I developed recurrent chest infections and then diagnosed with asthma and following ct scan this year mild bronichiectasis. Devastated with diagnosis findinf it difficult to accept . I work three days a week and live on a farm , still relatively active and though I have a lot of mucous daily it's easy to get rid off there's just a lot of it . Just would be grateful for some feedback from anyone with similar symptoms . Thank you ☺️

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Hi Nuala, welcome to this friendly and helpful site. There are a number of us who have bronchiectasis and asthma. It is good that you are keeping your lungs clear as 'bugs' seem to love bronch lungs. You might find it helpful to talk to someone at BLF - press the red balloon at the top of the page and you will find the number to phone to talk to one of their specialist nurses. Most people go through a time of feeling scared when they are first diagnosed but if you eat well and keep your exercise levels going you will be helping yourself to stay well. You should be given a rescue pack of meds (steroids and antibiotics) to keep at home to start taking if you get an exacerbation and do ask to be referred for a pulmonary rehabilitation course. The courses are over several weeks and usually are for two hours - one hour of exercise and one hour of discussing some aspect of respiratory problems. Feel free to ask anything you need to know - someone will be along to help you.

Hi thank U for replying , I try to stay positive and have been referred to physio , he said my lungs were clear and didn't require any physio techniques and I don't feel wheezy or caught just the amount of phlegm , i sent away a few samples and they have both came back showing no infection and the gp has gave me co amoxiclav to keep in the house . Just coming to terms and trying to stay positive . Thank U again

Hi, I have the same + Asbestosis, my mucus levels are worse in the morning first thing and some days I have extreme amounts and difficult to get up ( too thick, sticky.

I have Anti biotics 3 times a week + Stronger (500mg) A/b's as standby for chest infections which i normally only have a couple of weeks in between

Hi ☺️ Some days im really good loads of energy and positive and then I get a day of continually bringing up sputum, which can b really embarrassing at work . I started mucodyne today so hope that helps

I find Mucodine really helps a lot, been on it for 5 years now, I also use Salbutamol & Ipatropium through a Nebuliser. All helps to clear my lungs

I also take mucodyne and some days have a large amount of sputum which I struggle to clear.

Hi thanks for replying , yea it can be tiring I try to get on with things most days , some days as U say the mU is just seems never ending . so I will try the mucodyne thanks again

Hi Nuala, like you I have bronchiectasis (and asthma) and agree it is difficult to accept - mucus doesn't get better does it! I'm trying to decide what lifestyle changes I need to make

Treated early has much better prognosis. Get refered to consultant or the Brompton.

I also latched on to the fact that you live on a farm. Please be very careful about dust during the harvest season etc. This will clog up your airways.

I have Bronchiectasis too and just recently an old house close to me was demolished. Later that day I was coughing up blood - no coincidence as far as I'm concerned. When you have a coughing session, get a half-filled glass of water and cough your mucus onto the surface. You will be amazed at what junk comes out and you can watch it travelling to the bottom of the glass. Makes you realise what's going on in your lungs and airways. Good luck.

It's not a disease, but a condition which can be managed.

Hi Nuala51 me too for the last 2 years i use an Acapella device to blow through each morning to bring up the mucus and stops it going green and turning into infection

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