While coughing, spitting up stringy bits of blood

Hi, Just a quick one really. Firstly I hope everyone is well. Ok, mostly on a morning but sometimes during the course of the day as well, I cough up mucus with stringy bits of blood in it. Is the usual for copd and asthma? I am early stage copd, at last my inhalers seem to be settling in and the pains in my chest have subsided. I still find I am breathing full breaths but still get really tired when walking up an incline.


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  • robdonn hi I've got same as you I think you need to tell your doctor about the red coming up the green mucas is normal but if it's thick and green you may have infection I also find walking up a hill especially if I'm carrying shopping I get very breathless I tend to take my Ventolin before I start up the hill it helps take care.

  • Thankyou

  • I do that sometime I consult my doc like this morning I was coughing up light brown mucus he called me in some antibiotics called Azithromycin in a 6 pack

  • Thankyou. Its not brown, its normal colour (green) with stringy bits of blood. (Blood not normal I dont think but it has been going on for a few weeks now)

  • Hi Robeson I have End Stage Heart Failure as was mentioned earlier it's normal I also cough light green phlegm with, what I call, bits of Candy Floss (Just bits of lung dead lining) BUT if, as was previously mentioned is thick n green n unusual taste or thick n Brown possible infection Don't wait let Gp know as soon as they may ask for a sample you cough up into a lot too try n assess if it's a particular bacteria, but usually treated with biotics. if you ever cough more red bits as in very like blood or phlegm thicker or not tasting right n short of breath at rest or over wheezing let Gp know right away . Hope this helps.

  • So sorry for your diagnosis. Dr says I need to get my heart checked ( will as soon as I have $365 to pay for the visit-that is with my good insurance-reducilous ) I have mild / moderate emphazema test at 75. But he said it should not be making me this tired. I have a hard time with stairs also. Best of luck to you

  • Thankyou. I wish you all the best and thanks for taking the time to answer

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