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Hi all, i am new to the site, and interested on exchanging comments on frequently recurring chest infections. Been off work now 4 weeks, another week to go before check up with GP. So far 3 lots steroid pills, on 3rd lot antibiotics and still coughing, raspy chest. Waiting on respiratory consultant appointment but now worried. Never been zo bad before. Ruled out pneumonia, and fed up reading different websites on chest probs. COPD suspected as is TB. Any suggestions greatly appreciated. I am age 64 and have had asthma from aeound age 32 yrs. Thanx.

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Hi I would take a sputum sample to GP and ask to test it. This will tell you what infection it is. Sonetimes when I have exacerbation it takes weeks of steroids and antibiotics. I have asthma Bronchiectasis and had MAC, (non infectious TB)Go back before if you are worried. X

Bronchiotasis , or Aspergillis. I been on Steroids for nearly two years. You need to go back to the doctor, Long term steroids may be what you need they have helped me greatly

do you put on weight with being on steroids constantly?

I put on about a stone but I am very active, Walk dogs twice a day, Dancing and Pilates. currently I am only on 5mg a day and I have joined slimming world lost half a stone, and counting :-)

Well done keep up the good work. I have severe COPD so my breathing is not good I do exercise but not as much as i would like to due to my breathing. I'm sure my consultant will want me to go on steroids for the winter and I really do not want to put any more weight on. Put some weight on when I gave up smoking three years ago and do not seem to be able to shift it not masses about stone and a half. Was all your weight gain due to steroids do you think. Thanks for your reply.

Some and some, I got lazy because I could not breath, Steroids helped me so much. I am being weaned off them slowly, but I would go straight back on them again if I started to get worse again. You've only got one life so go out there and live it!!! Thats my moto.

Hi Mike317, I don't have Asthma, but like you have recurring chest infections with my Asbestosis & Bronchiestasis, but this year I've had less of them and I feel it's because I use a 7% saline treatment through my nebuliser each morning to get rid of Mucus etc. ( at my worst in mornings) and since using this my Chest infections have been fewer.

( I do take Antibiotics 3 times a week, and also now have stronger Antibiotics to keep as standby to start immediately. But I think it's worth mentioning to your Resp. Consultant.

Hi, tha x for your reply. Interested in the saline solution, so may mention that to my GP. My daughter found something about a salt cave in Edinburgh, supposed to be good for peeps like us witph respiratory issues somwill investigate and let every one know. Cheers

Morning Mike, two great replies so far and l would try and see your GP sooner if possible. Good luck to you. Xx

Thanx Sassy, sorry for not replying sooner, been bit under the weathwr and can sleep for Scotland lately!! Seeing GP Tue 20 Sep for update, fingers and toes crossed Lol!! Cheers, Mike

Good luck Mike xx

Sorry you are having a rough time Mike. Agree a sputum sample would be most helpful (if you can produce one) in finding out what the bug is that is affecting you and will also find out what the bug is sensitive to.

I am glad you have an appointment to see a respiratory specialist. I would assume she/he will arrange for you to have a ct scan. Meantime I would suggest you go back to your GP and mention a sample if there has not been an improvement.

Good luck


Hi, thanx for your comments. I've already produced 4 sputum samples requested by chest consultant via my GP. One of them vame back positive last week and am now taking more antibiotics (Doxycyclene) for next 2weeks. I dong have chest specialist appointment yet, contact from her has been via letter to my GP so I expect a wait,of few weeks unless I press the point with GP next week.

Thanks again for you input.



It's good to hear you are now on the right abs for your infection. I hope you don't have to wait long to see your consultant.


Morning Mike

Im very new to the site , but wanted to say hello and really hope you getit sorted . Good luck xxxx

Thanks Pickle, your thoughts much appreciated.

Hi Mike, so sorry you are feeling so rough. I too was in your shoes in 2002 and the waiting when you feel so ill is terrible. Do you have any idea from your GP how long you will have to wait to receive your consultants appointment or are you in the dark? If you are not aware how long you will have to wait you should definitely tell you GP how you feel, most of us try to put on a brave face, but until the doc knows how worried and ill you feel, you are not doing yourself or the doc any favours. I was lucky I guess I had a good GP who tried to fast-track me to the consultant when he could. Sometimes their hands are tied and you just have to wait. You are probably really worried and scared, I know I was, but do try and just wait it out. Hopefully when you do get to the consultant he will find a diagnosis for you. If you are at the end of a course of antibiotics and you feel no better, go back at once to your GP and ask for help. Take care of yourself and let us know how you get on. Maximonkey

They are your suspicions, not the GP's? It's getting more common but unless you've got reasons for suspecting it (been to 3rd world country, in daily contact with migrants) TB is rare now, so unlikely. They won't do a lung function (spirometry) test until you're clear and been off steroids for 6 weeks. They've done X-ray? If it's clear they'll likely wait for spiro/ct scan.

I assume your PF readings are down?

Hi, the TB idea was in a letter from respiratory consultant to my GP. I have not been to any 3rd world countries or knowingly associate with anyone from such areas. I've had 3 chest x-rays, two are clear and will have results of 3rd when I see my Doc next Monday. My PF readings are down a bit, so just have to wait for consultant appointment.

Thanks for your thoughts


Hi Mike. You sound a bit like me. I was diagnosed with Bronchiectasis in 2014 & in spite of following the exercise program am still getting repeat infections about every 3 to 4 weeks. I am 71 & been asthmatic all my life but feel my breathing is getting worse this last 4 months. Could be the weather see numerous posts for breathing on this site, but not repeated infections. The good thing about this site is I have discovered I should not be getting so many infections & I shall be telling my GP that when I have my next appointment. I am hoping to get referred back to a consultant. You may have Bronc but a CT scan will reveal that which your consultant will probably arrange for you. Some people on this site have Bronc "under control" & have lived with it for years without getting worse & that gives me hope & it should you as well because there are people on here who are coping with various lung conditions ok. Hope you turn out to be in this category. Best wishes.

Hi Norm,

Thanx for your contact. I should have mentioned I also have Bronchiectasis, hence the need cor steroid meds when I get these infections. Mine has usually been under control save for this,last 4 weeks or so leaving me understandably worried. I will prob not see chest specialist for few weeks unless I can pursuade my Doc to hasten me up the list. Think for now it will need to be mind over matter and think positive or I will make me worse worrying bout this.

Thanks for your input,


Hi like you I have asthma and bronchiectasis. New to this site. Off sick , steroids, anti biotics not felt well for ages. Think medication plays havoc with emotions and as you said staying positive helps.

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