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hello friends

i have discovered. a new thing about my copd

i would like some advice.

as you know things suddenly happen with this horible desease

well i have suddenly started getting very breathless

after having a sleep very fast in and out breathing

i dont panic i have learnt how to control these episodes

i would like to know if anyone else has experienced this

also i am on seretide 500 spray. and duaklir genuair 340 which i feel is no benifit to me

if anyone can reccomend some other things to use i would be gratful.

thank you for your time and hope to read your replies soo.

mr rikki stevens.

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Co2 can make you hyperventilate even stress.

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I had that happen once but my inhalers are Spiriva and Advair

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Do you think it's worth seeing your doctor?


Hello rikki, sorry to hear of your troubles regarding your breathing. Maybe you should pay a visit to your GP & explain what's happening. It could be you need an inhaler review. Keep in touch & let us know how you get on. Take care 🌻


I have End Stage COPD and ever since an infection about 4 months ago, I have outbursts of heavy breathing When this happens, I put half a 1mg tablet of Lorazapam under my tongue - it dissolves and disappears very quickly and definitely gives me relief (I get it on prescription and the directions say, "Take half or one tablet up to three times a day when required for shortness of breath") A similar drug is Tamazapam but it doesn't agree with me.

You mention sleep It used to take me ages to get my breathing gentle enough to drop off to sleep until I was prescribed a "VPAP" There are 2 sorts, I believe, "VPAP" and "BPAP" (variable/bilevel positive airway pressure) It's hard to explain but just to say.............It's a facemask with a tube the blows air, under slight pressure, so that it assists your lungs take in air and when you relax, the CO2 is expelled .............. it's bliss!!!!! You lie down with this mask on, relax and it sort of 'breaths for you' and you just relax and fall asleep before I used my VPAP I used to get morning migraines but they've gone now

I hope this helps you

Very, very best wishes to you


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