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Help I'm new and need some advice 😒

Hi I'm new to this but I'm hopping for some help/advise I recently had some test done and I can't really understand the findings they told me in the letter they sent me and I can't get in to see my GP until the end of next week and to be honest I'm completely terrified that it's something serious/very dangerous or life threatening I did manage to show my sisters friend who is a nurse and she told me I had a collapsed lung which just filled me with sheer panic . Could anyone please tell me what these mean as I'm scared stiff is something serious.

Patchy nonspecific ground-glass change/mosaic attenuation is seen with in both lung bases

Some of focal atelectatic changes are seen with in the left lingual

Please help 😒

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This been damage to lungs and think the saying you have emphysematous changes and air spaces.

If lung had totaly collapsed you would be in hospital.

I would ring your gp up in morning and ask for emergency appointment as its one way of getting to see gp

If breathing gets worse go ae but i think you might of had infections or could be work environment that as dsmaged lungs and air spaces lingual are coincidental as there at bottom lung where belly button is and most healthy slim people have them.


Hello Tammy.

It is frightening do you feel ill or are you breathless. As we are not experts we can't really tell you what is going on. But you could ring BLF helpline tomorrow if you can't get to see your GP ant earlier, but I would ask for an emergency appointment.

Kim xx


Hi if it was that serious or life threatening they would have whipped you into hospital straightaway so try not to worry so much. If I was you I would ring the doctors tomorrow and try and get an emergency appointment. x


Thank you so much for your advice I really do appreciate it .i haven't been given any medicine and I'm not sure if my GP should be referring me to the hospital for treatment I have 3 children and can honestly say I'm terrified of if I'm not going to be around for them . Thank you once again for your help πŸ‘


If you are in the UK you can ring the BLF helpline on 03000 030 555. They are open office hours. Hopefully they can reassure you. x


Hi Tammy, if you are worried ring your GP and ask for them to ring you back to explain. Ground glass is a term used to discribe lung conditions or damaged lungs. As others say if it was serious you would be in hospital by now. You no doubt have a lung disease, most likely chronic which means long term. But it can be managed with drugs if that is the case. Best wishes for a speedy diagnosis and getting your illness under control.

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