Was feeling a tad fed up last night - but better now!

At 1.00 am I was feeling just a tad sorry for myself. I'm getting predictable chest infections so it's two weeks on amoxicillin and the same time on prednisilone every month, then a reasonably good week followed by a 'going down hill' week. Many will know how prednisilone can play havoc with your sleeping pattern and I am no exception, so here I sat, willing the camomile tea and boring cross word to send me off into the land of nod and, eventually it happened. Of course, the blooming seagulls woke me just after 5.30 and didn't get back off to sleep. Over a week of this is leaving me so tired I'm falling asleep in the evenings and it's really hard to find the energy to do much.

Well, last night I thought I'm heading for depression so have to do something about it. I know I can head it off so this morning I got a beef and guinness casserole into the slow cooker and that made me feel I'd achieved something. Later, I finished making a cushion cover that I started a week ago - nothing fancy and only really needed an hour on it to finish. Well, I was chuffed to get it done. It also meant I could put away my sewing gear and ironing board and reclaim the table in the conservatory.

After a longish sit down for lunch, I've got the chicken and rice pud in the oven and prepared the veg for later, so here I am with thumb twiddling time and I'm feeling pretty smug. I KNEW I could do it!

Sorry for the boast, but last night I was wondering what was the point of going on if life is just pills and infections whereas today, after just achieving a few small practical tasks, I feel so uplifted.

Who knows, if I can stay awake through Poldark, I may even get to bed and sleep at a sensible time. Whoopee!

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  • Fabulous!


  • Repeat infections can be so wearing but yours are very close together and I wonder if it is the same one continuing. I don't find Amoxicillin helps at all. Has your GP checked your sputum? If not it may pay you to ask to have it tested so that the correct antibiotic can be identified. Good luck.

  • Thanks for your helpful suggestion. I have my sputum tested each time before starting the antibiotic but nothing specific shows up. The consultant told me that 'normal flora' does not mean 'no infection' but that a broad based antibiotic such as amoxicillin should do the trick. I am also wondering if it's the same infection going round and round. Back to the GP I think!

  • Thanks, having had 'normal' pots before and wondered how they could come back normal. Now I know - was starting to doubt myself!!

  • Hi amoxicillin dont even touch my infection you might aswell take nothing sumtimes you need longer than a week on antibiotics to get rid of infection thats why infection keeps occuring . I have alternate antibiotics clarythromycin then the next time doxycyclin Are you under a consultant? If so speak with them x

  • Well done....I too seem to be on a round of antibiotics and steroids and it does get you down I know.

    But this site does inspire me to get going and do something, and the good weather helps.....so I have weeded and wheezed, cut back some brambles and sworn, emptied some pots ready for winter violas and made a veggie curry. Lots of stops in between to get my breath.

    Thank you for your inspirational post too....reading what others can achieve all be it a bit slower , really helps. But I must try not to beat myself up on the very difficult days when I can't do much.

  • I completely get where you are coming from, especially the bit about not beating yourself up on difficult days. I find this site a great help too.

    You've had a busy day today. Time to put your feet up now, perhaps? That's what I'm about to do!

  • Please don't beat yourself up ! Easily said than done I Know, at the moment I'm trying to accept that there are some things I can do (limited currently) and some I can't. Here's hoping it gets better!

  • O well done - so positive. When I take those little white tablets I get terribly weepy. I can go from content to end of the world in about three days. I really hope you get some respite now! xpiggix

  • Glad you feeling positive

  • Nearly finished 2 weeks of prednisolone, better than it was, but still off sick. how long does it take??

  • I think the answer to that must lie with your doctor! It will depend on your diagnosis and why you are on the prenisilone. If you are not feeling better after a couple of weeks, perhaps you should see your GP again.

    Hope you start to feel better soon.


  • I have bronchiectasis and asthma, infections most months. This one has knocked me off my feet. GP says give it time! Time for a sputum pot and go from there. Wouldn't wish this on anyone - nice to know i'm not the only one.


  • I sometimes wonder why, when I am not feeling so good and struggling with the everyday jobs, my husband gets himself involved in some job that takes all his time and energy, leaving him too tired to help me. His job usually has something to show for it, whereas cooking dinner, washing up, making tea, all just keep the wheels turning. Just a little moan - he's not bad really!

  • Funnily enough, mine does things like that too! It's not really anything new, though.

    Years ago, when I had small kids and lived in chaos there would be a frantic tidy up before the in-laws came for dinner. What would my husband do? Shift the toys? No! Move the clutter? No! Peel a few spuds? No! He'd disappear and I'd find him cleaning windows that wouldn't even be on view! And he still does it now!!! If in doubt, clean the bloomin' windows. It drives me mad, but after 46 years of it, I've long ago given up trying to change anything.

    It can be frustrating to find him bringing in a load of carrots from the garden and dumping them in the bowl just as I'm about to put a ready meal in the oven as it's all I can manage. I wouldn't mind one or two, but he'll come in with far more than we will eat and then proceed to scrub them. 'When,' I ask, 'are we going to have them?'

    Well, like yours, mine's not perfect, but he's generally a really good support to me and I wouldn't be without him. I love him dearly but just now and again I could throttle him!

  • Oh, I can identify with all that! Never forgotten the time I had an awful migraine, and all I wanted was my bed, so phoned Tony at work - could he come home and look after active toddlers. No, too busy. Could barely function, let alone look after the children. Our work is under estimated I think. When you are not well, even doing a ready meal is too much. When a man is ill, his meals are prepared for him, cups of tea and sympathy aplenty.

    Just read your "retirement boat" poem. Really great. So glad we travelled when we were young. Couldn't do it now, and comfort is far more important.

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