Animal Sanctuary Saved from Barbaric EU Law - Yippee :) :) :)

Animal Sanctuary Saved from Barbaric EU Law - Yippee :) :) :)

You may or may not know that we (my wife and I) support a local animal sanctuary for rescued and neglected/abused animals. Some (a lot) of the rescued animals which can be brought in by the RSPCA, Police or just dumped are not native to England and are classified as EU invasive species and the EU were saying that all invasive species should be destroyed to stop them spreading infection and invading other countries. Which would mean that Kays Hill Animal Sanctuary would have to put a lot of their rescued animals to sleep, which is ludicrous as their aim is to give animals regardless of breed a caring home. After months of stress and worry the local authority have inspected the sanctuary and gave it special permission to hold these animals as a licensed rescue centre - What a relief so much pressure and potential heart ache is lifted. They are a charitable organisation and run on purely donations whether it is materials food or cash and is ran by volunteers. Please check out their New website now that we are able to promote it. They also have a face book page.

We are all so happy that the animals like Harry (pic) who is so affectionate, do not have to be put to sleep they didn't ask to be brought into this country ??



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Great news Plumbob. Xxxx

Marvellous news. So uplifting & must have cheered you up enormously. I love people who look out for animals, I may start a Plumbob fan club!! xxx

Penelope I think a fan club is a bit extreme and would only have two members me and you :P

The owner Kevin could quite easily sell the land and live off the money but he prefers to help animals and lives hand to mouth for the sake of the animals -he's the hero we just donate when we can but get enjoyment seeing the animals enjoying life but the food demand is astronomical even on a daily basis


Ha ha, I'm pretty sure you are wrong, you seem very popular to me ☺! Seriously though, I have nothing but admiration for people such as Kevin.

There is a lady not too far from me who runs a (primarily but not exclusively) wildlife rescue centre. She has done it for over 40 years & like Kevin puts her own needs second to the animals. She is very well thought of & highly respected but like all such concerns struggles financially. As you say all one can do is donate & help out where one can. Penny (CEO of Plumbob fan club) xxx 😁

What a gorgeous picture - is he practising his self defence? He he. Great news. I'm glad. Well done xpiggix

Was fantastic news Piggi the owner has been stressing for months over it :( Harry (the Racoon) is willing to help out any way he can and he's got his hammer ready just in case :) :) You go into any of the racoon pens and you are frisked by them looking for treats they are so comical :D :D


Thank goodness common sense prevailed in the end! But that said, it ought to be impossible for people to keep little chaps like Harry as pets in the first place.

It's been a very stressful few months and your right Vashti, wh people think they can keep animals like Racoons and Civets as pets is beyond me :(


You have my wholehearted admiration for the job that you do. As an animal lover it is always rewarding to hear news like this. The animals do not ask to be brought to this country and how horrendous to think that they would have been put to sleep. We need people like you to look after and protect animals everywhere! Best wishes to you all.

Juney It's been a worrying few months for all concerned thinking that over 40 animals which have been brought back to good health and gained back trust in humans would have to be destroyed. :( :( so it is a great relief to us all :D :D


Plumbing, I admire you enormously and I wish there were more people like you on this earth. Such innocents need you more than you know. Thank you.

Sorry Plumbob didn't mean to call you plumbing!!!

There is a lot more unrecognised people out there that do a lot more than me ... We have one lady (a grandmother ) who after finishing her work every day tends to, and feed no matter what the weather. The racoons they have bonded with her so much that she can sit in the pens and they are all over her showing TLC (they are also after treats LOL). She can Identify each one individually. So we call her 'The Mad Racoon Woman :D :D

Really pleased to her the good news Plumbob the next time I go to Newcastle I will call in

ironically the law won't allow the public in to see the animals other than cats and dogs because to display the racoons etc you need a zoo licence and that requires the owner to go on a course and sit exams (cost?) so at the moment the funds are all going on the animals welfare :( It's a bit of a catch 22 cos they can't display the animals they can't raise much needed funds :( Grrrrrr :P

After saying that people pop in to deliver food donations and sometimes get a glimpse Nudge nudge wink wink :O

I will go on line before going up and see what they need. When I boarded guide dogs I used to make them bed out of old quilts and sheets I took about 50 up to the breading centre when they had a open day I sold them all before 11 am they were Labrador proof. If he wanted some they are all machine washable I would post them

Onamission -You are too kind .... Ironically he has just posted a request for sheets, blankets, towels etc as the winter is approaching and they tend to use them up a lot quicker through the winter months - Don't know if you have checked out their facebook page or web page ?

Thank you so much

Owen X

I'm on holiday in Cornwall but when I get back will look I'm due to go up to Newcastle in a coupe of weeks so will drop in on the way

agreeing with everybody who have posted.great work for animals done by all the volunteers.

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