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Getting To The Bottom Of Stomach Hypersensitivity OR Is It OTHER Name For Codswallop Dx

Well My gut's stomach have been at it again SO i have run few cassette diagnostic test ONE was H.pylori blood test BUT as breath did not stink of ammonia or peroxide that all came back clear like i was expecting.

Next test is What the call a Fecal Occult Blood Test.

Given fat am passing WELL am hoping it will get to bottom of whats going on with my guts and swelling sickness dizzy Especially as could not get hold of my GP.

I have already been to see G.I doctor and he's DX was Stomach Hypersensitivity THATS why i say its OTHER Name For CodsWallop dx given my suffering symptoms.

Am hoping Fecal Occult Blood Test will show me if its STRESS or INFLAMMATION or if its gastritis.

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Do let us know what you find out JAS if anything. Wishing you well as you have been suffering for a long time now. Xxxxxx

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Hi Sassy complete waste time GP's dont know we pay them.

Only thing the good at is saying everything's fine.

Think all me organs need throwing away AND starting again.

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Bless you JAS xxxx

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yep JAS, I think it's codswallop dx. In my humble opinion all the gastro and bowel grief we get is all due to antibiotics killing off our friendly gut bacteria.

If they prescribe these heavy duty antibiotics, then they should also be prescribing heavy duty probiotics like VSL# - don't give someone a poison without an antidote !

Get your gp to prescribe VSL# and tell him/her that it contains about 8 strains of bacteria, and try making some raw live sauerkraut or kimchi or kefir. Yoghurt is good but not strong enough for us on loads of strong ab's.


Hi Zube Cheers yer have seen my doctor bout gut stomach issues when I sterilised my guts threw antibiotics.

I had to repopulate my good bactirea AND that is easer said than done especially when you get no help of doctors.

When taking good bacteria you can over populate you guts projectile s%%#%# can suffer :o

But I found gut stomach bacteria can be better than antibiotics when it comes to immunity so doctors should show bit more interest in stomach bacteria.

But when in seen him he said the is no probiotics hecould prescribe.

I will see him about that VSL stuff tho.

Cheers thanks

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yes I agree with all that, gp's are short of time and mine said same as yours till I asked him to look in his little prescribe book - yes he found VSL# and prescribed it for me, it is now on my prescription re-order form saying to be taken after using ab's, mind you, I don't take ab's often now as I use natural methods to heal lungs, still can't avoid all infections if I get depleted.

good luck getting it then JAS, and if your gp is still trying to get "to the bottom of it"

Ask him "What has a bottom at the top ?".... ha... Legs !

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Hi Cheers was just researching VSL#3 And like you say if it's in British National Fomulary the should perscribe it.

So al be quick and vauge on prescribing criteria .. Al try pulling a okey-dokey as the say up north Lol

Defo like legs bottom joke tho :)


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