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Vitamin D

Afternoon everyone.

Hold on to your hats rant coming.

When I was first diagnosed with Emphysema 2011 I was given bone density scan and blood test for Vit D, my levels were really low so my consultant gave me Colcalciferol two a week for three months, then a blood test, then one a week. After a year I had another scan and blood tests, he said he was happy and was signing me off, he would recall me in two years but I was to continue treatment.

Fast forward to last week, my GP now has a Pharmacist on site who wanted my levels checked, apparently its ridiculously high and I haven't taken any for two weeks, I've been waiting for a prescription. I've know idea what to much vitamin D does, any thoughts.

Sorry I feel better now

Kim xx

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" Hello Kimmy.. I am adding a link for you to take a peek at. Its regarding Vitamin D...Hope it might help with your question.....Megan..."



Thanks Megan I'll have a look. xx

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kimmy59 Too much Vit D can lead to too much calcium in the blood (hypercalcaemia) which can weaken bones and damage the kidneys and the heart.

I keep a check on my Vit D level by private testing (along with other Vits and mins for my thyroid health) and the lab I use says toxicity can happen at levels greater than 220nmol/L. Recommended is 100-150nmol/L.

We're you told, when first supplementing, that you should also take K2-MK7. Vit D aids absorption of calcium from food and K2 directs the calcium to bones and teeth where it's needed rather than arteries and soft tissues. Magnesium is another co-factor when taking Vit D so we should also take that. Doctors don't seem to know much about nutrition so it's doubtful whether you would have been given that advice. Hopefully the supplement you were given didn't contain calcium (eg Adcal).


I took Colcalciferol, thats what the consultant prescribed, I remember my GP mentioning Calcium at the time. I was angry when the pharmacist intervened glad he did now.

Kim xx


Very bad if its high i was talking to doctor bout such thing ANYWAY here is what he said about hole vitamin D thing.

Ya but. Magnesium and vitamin D are regulated by the kidneys. All to often, magnesium and vit D lose effectiveness unless kidney problems are identified and managed. Kidney problems are diagnosed and managed with blood and urine tests, no symptoms, so it's not sufficient to say: "but I do not have kidney symptoms".

20% of Americans have silent kidney disease and many more have damaged kidneys. It's called silent because one has no symptoms. Sometimes the only symptoms are leg cramps. 20% means 1 in 5 people. Next time you are in a crowd, look around. 1 in 5 may have kidney disease, surely a similar number have kidney damage and do not know about it. Happened to me, now managed well.

Magnesium and many other minerals cannot be used if kidney functions fall too low because they accumulate, causing problems and toxicity.

Caution on too much vit D. It commonly causes kidney stones and arteriosclerosis, especially when taken with calcium. I see and manage this all the time. In addition, vit D is a hormone and can disrupt metabolism and other hormones. I have managed this. Vit D is a fat soluble vitamin and often accumulates slowly over time, causing fat soluble vitamin toxicity. We are already starting to see this in America with the vit D craze. Vit D can act like a steroid, suppressing inflammation but also suppressing the immune system, promoting infections, especially viral infections (herpes, EBV, CMV). I manage this all the time and it happened to me.

Vitamin D testing and levels are VERY, VERY controversial and there is not agreement among medical researchers and practitioners. I found excessive vit D supplementation did not help many people and indeed caused problems.

And the kidneys regulate vitamin D anyway. Poor kidney function leading to vitamin D depletion and excess vitamin D supplementation can damage the kidneys.

On the dehydration comment, dehydration stress the kidneys and over hydration stresses the kidneys.

Leg cramps can also be due to iron depletion, don't see that much. DO NOT TAKE iron unless your ferritin and/or serum iron blood levels are low. Iron can be toxic, especially to the heart and can feed infections, if taken when not needed.

Leg cramps can be due to insufficient dopamine. And the kidneys regulate dopamine. Happened to me.

So, I keep my leg cramps under control with supplements that support circulation, good kidney functions and boost dopamine. I did this because magnesium and mineral supplements controlled leg cramps for a while, then failed to work and then I found out I had circulation, kidney and dopamine problems, changed my thinking and changed my treatments and changed the way I treat my patients.

Hope this helps someone.


Your Pharmacist is not a Dr.

In summer especially if you enjoy the sun, your Vit D levels will be higher as much Vit D is absorb by the skin. Bone density is important as it is age related and gets poorer as you get older.


No a pharmacist isn't a doctor but they understand the drugs better. If it wasn't for him I would have gone on taking the Vitamin D as my consultant prescribed, I'm still taking Risedronate for the Osteoporosis. Questions will be asked rest assured, I'm seeing my Respiratory nurse on the 19th and my consultant in October.

Kim x


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