For the last few days i am loseing my breath a lot more than nomal i know i am worred abut my test on tuesday comeing and i think it might be the weather as it has been rain and damp even yesterday it sems i am getting worst sleep my be 3 to 4 hr a day but restless so.e time i have to take fostair 3 times a day plus my ventolin a lot plus i am on a nibilizer 4 times a day

So see what this test finds out . Now just waiting for my dogs to come in then off to bed good night all

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  • David I think it may be the weather I too have taken extra Fostair the last three days plus xtra ventolin and still been breathless at times. Also sleeping has been very hard it is very humid at the moment here in the midlands which also affects my breathing. I believe from tomorrow the air quality will improve for us. Hope you feel better soon.

  • Totally agree clematis ,,,I too am in the midlands and the quality of air has been very poor ,x

  • Hello David. I find that when the weather is damp and humid my breathing gets much worse too. I usually find that when the weather gets better so does my breathing. Sleeping has always been rather hard as well. Broken sleep is so frustrating and tiring. I really hope you start to feel better. Do let us know how the assessment goes. Maybe getting as much rest as possible beforehand can help. Those tests are tiring.

    Take good care.

    Cas xx :)

  • The weather does have an impact on my breathing. I sleep better when I am propped up rather than lying down. Hope you manage to get some rest.

  • Good morning David, Hoping you managed a better night's rest.

    I think it is the awful humid weather -we just are not used to it here. My breathing has not been how it usually is, and I've taken extra puffs of Fostair too, and we live near the sea so you would think it may be fresher, but not this time, even though we have had some rain because the heat has been coming up country from Spain instead of our usual fresher north westerly breezes. Seems the weather is still coming from that area for the next few days at least, but it will be a bit breezier to stir it about. Good luck on Tuesday - let us know won't you, how you get on?

  • So vigin has sorted every thing for you now so glad for you .i live about 3 miles in each direction to the sea so when the wind blows one way or the other i get the sea air but this weather i hate and what makes me mad is i bought a new car a few months ago and that started trubble so phoned the car company and it has finished so my waranty is no good as they told me it is a new company now so my son done most of the work on it now most of the engine is new and still not going a few people have looked at it and no one knows what it is i have looked on googal utube but still no joy may be wife is right and send it to scrap yard as 6 weeks now fech back the old cars much more easyer than the new ones to repair

  • Hope things right themselves soon David & you get a better night's sleep (lack of which definitely doesn't help your breathing). Good luck for tests.

  • Hi David.

    I know what you're going through. I have had asthma and emphysema lately too. I think COPD is all embracing in our poor ventilation system. I too am on multi medication including prednisone now. Do you have trouble sleeping. I'm awake half the night trying to get rid of the sputum. Gave up heavy smoking in 1980. Damage done already so paying penalty now. Let's not give up hope though mate .

    Good luck


  • Good luck & best wishes for today

  • Hope you slept a little better David and thinking of you. Xxxx

  • I agree ,the air hasn't been very good quality of late and it's been very humid ,, I to have used my inhaler ( ventolin) more often ,and I've even resorted to my nebuliser a few mornings for a kick start to the day ,,,,getting in enough ventolin to open up my air ways ,In fact I do struggle to use my inhaler fully first thing ,,,,not enough umph to inhale it ,,,,so i might ask GP if it's OK just to have a nebuliser in the morning to help me ,,,,,but yes ,,, air quality in uk has been very poor of late ,hope you had a better sleep ,,,,,I use a V pillow for extra support when I need it , And good luck with the tests next week get a good nights sleep Monday as tests can be tiring ,, ,take care ,

  • These comments have given comfort. I have been suffering lately with breathing and itreness. Seems a shame at this time of year with the darker months coming.

  • Hello it's foxy I have copd asthma stage 3 type 2 failure etc I'm 35 years of age on bibep as well oxygen nublizer on nd on my advise to you u might have chest infection go to ur GP or A&E don't waste time or gamble with ur health plz as it esclautes people got it they know how life is day to day best of luck hope it gets better!

  • If you can't sleep, try raising your head - Maybe you can use pillows, maybe get an adjustable bed. We can breathe better by having heads up.

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