Bence Jones test?

Does anyone know anything about this? It's a urine test I've just had done. All I have discovered on t'internet is that the proteins show up in multiple myeloma which seems to be a kind of cancer affecting the blood. I'm thinking there must be other conditions these proteins show up in that are, maybe, not so serious.

Any thoughts? Someone out there must have come accross it before.

I was a bit annoyed as I gave my sample last week and only found out yesterday that I had been given the wrong container so had to do it again! Husband has kindly driven off to the doctor's with another little package on my behalf. God bless 'im, he never moans, but he did say he could set to car to go by itself now!

Never mind - he's dropping it in on his way to get brake pads for his Austin 7, so he won't have 'sample' on his mind for very long! Haha!

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Not heard of that Moy so can't help but sending good wishes your way. Xxxx

Try the BLF helpline. 03000 030 555


Some light reading for you.

Where's the pictures of Austin 7

I'm sure I can find some!

You can have lots of false posative with bence jones test IF you have lots of other things going on health wise BUT you might seen proteinuria mentioned THATs name for proteins in urine

I have 6 monthly tests for my undifferentiated connective tissue disease, ( What a stupidly long name.)

Basically, if it gets any worse, it would be Lupus.

My Rheumy said that the protein relates to my kidneys, although, he doesn't seem very worried about it. xx

I agree Casper99 - I had a dx of lupus ( sero neg) for years which has recently been revised to UCTD and what a mouthful it is compared with straightforward 'Lupus'.

Is Lupus something else that the Bence Jones test shows, then?

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