Pulmonary rehab update

Went to Brompton for my assessment yesterday. As I had done a course before, albeit over 10 years ago, I knew what to expect. Lots of box ticking about how my breathing affects me day to day. Heart rate a bit fast, but she saw no problems in me doing the course. The shuffle test where they get you to walk between 2 markers gradually getting faster was a struggle, and from memory I had to stop much sooner than I did last time. Have start date of 26th Sept, Mon and Thur for 8 weeks. I hour exercise and 1 hour education on various topics. Really hope it helps, will keep you updated. (hope it cools down it was really quite warm in the gym area)

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Hi I have just finished my 3rd PR course and the physio was very pleased with my progress. There was a big difference between my first walking test and my last one. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Apart from the pain due to having arthritis. But exercise is supposed to be good for that too. Take care.

Thanks, no arthritis yet thank goodness.

I did pulmonary rehab, really enjoyed it but my test, after completing the course, came back exactly the same at the end as in the beginning. I met some nice people though!

Oh well, if you enjoyed it that must be good

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