Sorry it's not going

to work.

I have had 3 posts and words deleted in the last few days. Nothing bad, nothing to get worked up about but gone in the ether.

I know a lot of you like posts of dogs with funny hats , flowers and cakes etc; nothing wrong with that. It is just not my style.

So AGAIN I say bye bye.

If you are thinking of asking me to return please do not as I have no intention of doing so.



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  • Ok gus, no idea what was deleted or why but maybe you will want to chat again one day.

    Wishing you well, xx

  • Hi gus, I have had posts deleted in the past too......I know it's difficult to remember that this site like many others reaches a huge audience consisting of many countries, cultures and viewpoints.

  • I was always told to never say never - maybe have a break then call back, perhaps? Best wishes

  • As y-s says, never say never, maybe you will join us again one day. X

  • I really can't see what the problem was.

  • I didn't have a problem with your posts, Gus. And read quite a few before they were deleted!

  • I was about to read a couple of your posts but they weren't there, I wasn't too surprised that one of them disappeared, from the bit that I read in the email it looked as if it was moving towards 'too controversial', don't know if it got there as it disappeared from the posts. Saw nothing looming in the last one though. Your decision gus but I think you should stick with it - and us. Whatever you decide - best wishes to you.

  • Clearly, it's not going to work Gus if your posts are being deleted or edited. I haven't read many of them but as many of the posts here are 'not your style' and you don't seem to have much interest in the health aspect, then there doesn't seem to be much point in sticking around. Forums like this work two ways. People ask questions and respond to other people's questions. If someone just wants to continually post and get reactions but isn't that interested in responding to the other posts, it just doesn't work.

  • Gone but not forgotten.

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