Hospital day adventures pt. 2 the conclusion

After surviving the mad cabbie with his dodgy driving, we made it to London UCH 1 and a half hours early, so still yet more waiting around before my appointment.

About 40 mins or so before, the nurse came out, took me into the cubicle and told me I'd need to strip (behave yourselves you lot!) of all my metal bits and bobs - watch, rings, bracelets and even my false teeth as they're held in with metal clips.

Then the time came. I followed the nurse, lay down for her (oi, told you to behave 😂) on the scanner bed, and for the next 15 minutes I was entombed. Felt like I was buried alive with a pneumatic drill going through my head. I hate MRI scans!

Eventually that was over though, and it was time to come home. Waited patiently for hospital transport, and we got a much better ride home. Car was more modern and more comfortable, and the driver a lot more professional!

10 hours roundabout all told spent in 4 taxis and two different hospitals.

Never again!

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A long and no doubt very tiring day, you should sleep well tonight. Good that it's out of the way now though.

Very tiring Magpuss! I will sleep well tonight for sure.

What a day Symes, still it's over and done with now. Hope you get a good result. Xx

Thanks Sheila, I hope so. I hate to think of anything else going wrong, not sure I could cope with another illness xx

So glad you are home and in one piece Symes. That was one long and tiring day out. Not exactly what we signed up for was it. You sure you haven't left any bits behind? It's good to read your cheery post about it all anyway, and it's done now.


Thanks Jennifer! I don't "think" I've left any bits behind. Oh well. If I find I'm missing something, I'll know where to look! :D

Yep, all over with, and hope that doesn't happen again. Need to go back for my lung function tests in a few weeks, seeing as they couldn't do them this time, but that'll just be the one appointment so not too bad.

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