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Lession 1# MY DNA Genome Sequencing

Lession 1# MY DNA Genome Sequencing

What i have learnt so far well my sample landed on labs door mat.

Also is lot harder surplying sputom sample on demand for DNA Genome Sequencing.

Not that LAW have problem with swab's.

Anyway could right on a postage stamp what i know about DNA my Genome Sequencing.

Be a intresting learning curve am SURE as i know i have DNA and Genome's so there fourth i am lol

I dont need DNA Genome Sequencing to tell me about errors of my ways i must have .. as we all make mistakes in life So just have to suck it up in and carry on.

But apart from knowing i must have DNA Genome's and odd Errors as clearly AM diseased BUT not in bad way AM looking forward to sharing some off DNA Genome Sequencing errors findings.

As with any calarge THAT is what i have termed MY DNA Genome Sequencing and presumable errors

The TRICK with any Calarge is to find out whats going on and to manipulate edit it so its as good as new.

Is that not what the hole point of DNA Genome Sequencing is about.

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